Uhhhh im just done

i would like to think so but with so many staff gone and this is the last week of op 8 is it not?

I’m not talking about gears 5 lol, but rather gears 6. I hope itll be the infinite of the gears series.

So for once in my life, I can wait for a new gears of war game. Take all the time you need TC.


ah yus imagine f2p mp with a added battle royale xD

I wouldn’t mind a BR. As long as it’s fun I’ll play it.

Just give me my classic versus and a good tuning and I’m happy.

And a sad dom

I’m expecting too much from TC for sad dom :pensive:

zombie dom?

I’ll pass :sweat_smile:

rebel teenager dom?

So basically commando dom minus the armor and face paint lol.

Ive suggested this but at the same time most players dont even on what they want.


A poll doesnt hurt to try. Shoot I’m interested in what most people consider the best tuning.

Its just something for TC to consider is all :smiley:


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Or just release a dev kit

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Sometimes simplicity is key. There was decent variety back then too, one could almost argue there was almost more variety at that time since games had original ideas rather than rehashed ideas from other titles.

Not necessarily. Many of us enjoy the Gears of War format for what it precisely is, combined with the characters and lore. The desires are simply to have the very similar mechanics maintained while having brief and non-invasive upgrades.

I have to disagree. Gears did change. Judgment started that change, with horrible design choices such as Y for weapon change and LB for frags. It didn’t feel like Gears and didn’t deserve to be part of the Franchise. Gears of War 4 thankfully amended this but Gears 5 went down a dark path with changes that I believe caused irreparable damage. Just look at the current state of PvP with it’s horrific tuning.

I don’t disagree with this, but Gears didn’t need to necessarily be kept “fresh”. Call of Duty has been ridiculously similar with very mild changes throughout. It’s about maintaining your loyal fan base initially.

Gears of War 4, yes. But Gears 5? Not a chance, in my opinion. Too many changes, both in mechanics and design, that took away the core feel of Gears of War. Yes, it took a drastic U-turn and I do feel PvE is in a fantastic state but PvP in comparison to the predecessors doesn’t quite capture that feel.

I very much agree with this. It’s purely factual and well said.

Also true. I must admit this did make me laugh. I already have several suspects I could envision.

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I’m pretty sure those titles also have a WAY bigger following than Gears does…

Regardless, its the same cut and paste game from 15 years ago.

The only change up in cod was the future games, which I really liked them, well AW and Black Ops 3.

Well actually MW 2019 is definitely the biggest change up cod has seen since AW. It feels like R6 meets COD, well in the warzone department.

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I was not arguing against that but imo it’s not a valid point to use in a comparison with Gears that COD, which is - apparently, I haven’t played it in ages so that’s not my own words - far more casual friendly and has a much larger following, hasn’t changed in however many years.

Although I will still agree that the current Versus is less than ideal. Sure, I’ve barely played either in Gears 4 or 5, but I only need to play one match of 5s Versus to tell that it’s not exactly as great as 4s. Even just from the randomly delayed shots or that’s what it seems to me. But it’s not something I get into when players are shooting through solid covers which I’m looking at and going “WTF” when I see it, aside from the generally shotgun focused gameplay.

I’d recommend reading it again. It’s a very valid point as it’s a comparison of the evolution of the two in the sense of sticking to their roots before becoming unrecognisable.

Yes, you could go into specifics and really compare the two. But that would be silly as you know for the obvious reasons, Captain.