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What do you consider the most damaging and substantial change? I am very interested to hear your thoughts.

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Other games have been beating the Gears franchise since Gears 3. Judgement didn’t help at all so in reality it’s a lot of blame on EPIC.

Because you can’t flounce without announcing you’re going to flounce!

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I fell in love with gow4 PvP. Loved it. KoTH and Dodgeball…

There was no one more hyoed and excited for G5 …

G5 PvP, to me, suuuuuucks… It is horrible… Eveeything which made me fall in love with PvP in gow4 has been reduced, eliminated, nerfed, slowed down, filled with delays, etc, etc in g5.

I did not change.

The PvP game changed. Into something i dont play since i hate it. Pure and simple.

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I wrote a entire thread on it Here

In short, the gnasher functions fundamentally different than gears 4, the movement is much slower, the shot magnetization can be game breaking, the melee is fast and auto targeting, characters hold sidearms different, delays on shots, frags and other actions are increased. There are some positive changes but most were negative.

So yes the game changed, people dont like the changes. My thread hit the edit limit otherwise id keep updating it

To answer the original question id say the most damaging change is either the movement or the delays.


People complain bout the gnasher so it got nerf, now they complain it sucks. people complain bout the lancer being too op it got nerf, people complain bout the whole nerfing of that. you see the pattern? people complain bout movement it got nerf improve nerf then they stopped messing with it. it no wonder they stopped messing with the whole tuning thing and left where it at now because the fans kept complaining when they try to fix it and why g5 might just be dieing lol

The PS4 also did take away alot of xbox fans as well, everyone and their mom owned a 360 back in the day and that was due to the xbox being the superior console. Now PS4 sadly runs the show.


Theres never going to be a perfect tuning because everybody has a differing opinion lol.

Obviously people are gonna disagree and not approve of certain tunings because they might prefer the gow 1 tuning or the gow 3 tuning or whatever tuning existed in the 15 years gears has been around.

The best thing TC can do imo is make a poll, ask us what tunings we all liked the best and them just make a new tuning based on what gets the most votes.

If I had to guess what tuning would win, it would most likely be the gears 4 core tuning.

this i agree on mostly i mean they can try to improve it but there always disagreement among many!

Ah yes…the life with the xbox as a tv base at launch

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I think pleasing the majority should be the priority rather than a couple “pros”.

it kinda the whole thing with 343 induntries when they passed the mentle down to them from microsoft but they manage to pull it off. TC ik they went like through 3 studio name changes in the past i think one was called the black tusk studios idk the other but i wouldn’t know how hard it would be to please a fan base since i never worked at a studio be kinda cool but i also assume a stress from your boss expecting great things from you

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343 is doing it with Halo Infinite, TC can definitely please us.

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i would like to think so but with so many staff gone and this is the last week of op 8 is it not?

I’m not talking about gears 5 lol, but rather gears 6. I hope itll be the infinite of the gears series.

So for once in my life, I can wait for a new gears of war game. Take all the time you need TC.


ah yus imagine f2p mp with a added battle royale xD

I wouldn’t mind a BR. As long as it’s fun I’ll play it.

Just give me my classic versus and a good tuning and I’m happy.

And a sad dom

I’m expecting too much from TC for sad dom :pensive: