Uhhhh im just done

Took a break and came back, and regretting it. Ya I believe I’m done with gears and especially TC. TC literally systematically drained all the passion out of me that I’ve had for GEARS OF WAR for over the last decade.

Honestly the last nail in the coffin was the the bots in social. “But doc thats due to the lower player base” welp whos fault is that in the first place TC? This game just simply isn’t fun anymore.

Bad enough TDM was taken put out of its own social game, now we play with bots too? Its made this game feel bland and un-enjoyable.

This game is literally a chore to play due to TCs poor choices. And isn’t fun any longer. And im probably not even going to be interested in gears 6 until the price is at $20 on sale.

Eh not like my opinions ever mattered to TC anyway. Guess I just wanted to say I’m done and goodbye. I’ve no interest in inputs to make this game better anymore. Just hope the rest of you wakeup and leave like I am.


Play ranked?

Yeah because your opinion is almighty :joy:


Nonsense! Don’t take it out on Gears 5 because you lost some silly gambles again!

You’ll be back.


Thanks, I’ll still be playing the PvE until it gets boring, if it ever does.


Oh come on!
This game is NOT Ghost Recon: Frontline! :slightly_smiling_face:
At least it is still a Third Person Shooter. :grin:

Every Ghost Recon was a Third Person Shooter… except this ■■■■ Ghost Recon: Frontline - a PvP only First(!!!) Person Shooter clone of the Fortnite. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Gears of War isn’t a concept people are interested in anymore. These games were popular back then because things were simple and this was all there was.

In one hand you have people that wish Gears would just be Gears again which essentially just means they want no change and repeats of the same game. Then on the other hand we have people who are bored of this kind of game and want something exciting and different but then you end up with Judgement and everyone hates it.

So then they try and keep it basic with slight changes here and there then people like you still get upset because you can’t have the same experience you had when you played it on 360.


Except like the very first game released in 2001, its expansion packs, and Advanced Warfighter PC versions.

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If you dislike or hate Gears 5 then don’t buy/download Gears 6 even if it goes on sale or you already pay for gamepass.

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That’s the thing though. They weren’t slight changes. Gears of War 4 initially had slight changes, all actual bugs aside, such as the quick running cover mount and the knife executions. These were welcome additions to an already great format.

Gears 5 took it too far with the executions being but to B, the curb stomp being removed from its own button, the chainsaw on RB and that god awful inverse omen. To think they could do these things and not receive any backlash is just bizarre.

Rather than take inspiration from mass feedback they got from the immediate predecessor, they chose to take it from the worst game in the series.


Bots being in social does not bother me, having multiple modes tied to a certain mode slot does.

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There are better games

Yaaaa…wooo…1 guy vs 5 stack…woohoo…so fun…oh…gettin beat down and t-bag by the whole team…cool…wish i had bots

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Ohhhh… Then sorry… :sob:
Still… Why the ■■■■ Frontline is a First Person Shooter!? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Why do people need to announce their departure from the game?

This isn’t an AIRPORT


Only the strong survive.


Because they feel like its important to them and want others to understand their frustration. I personally didn’t do it but i understand the reasoning.


I think everyone here understands the frustration. But nobody needs to hear that you are done with the game.
If everyone who quits gears 5 would post here, the forum would be flooded.

PS - I took a break from gears back in spring and part of summer but no one here knew. Because it’s not important.

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Agreed, but maybe the devs do. Because its clearly obvious the player base is dying.

Ive played maybe three matches or four matches in the past month and a half, I’m pretty much done. So i feel you. I already made my statements of why i would leave and why i did stop playing. Not that anyone is listening.

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Unfortunately, they don’t. At least not here.
Twitter is their best shot to get in touch with devs.


Or in some cases the best way to get a perma ban. :roll_eyes:

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