Ugh, Expressions and Blood Sprays

No. Just no.

This isn’t fornite. This isnt Crap Ops 4.

Stop moulding the MATURE game of Gears into an any ages title.

It’s disheartening


Meh its not a big deal. Doesn’t change the game…it’s still Gears.


Exactly. It’s not like they’re doing dances and shitm it’s just small emotes and sprays. Gears already has rainbow trippy skins, so is this so much worse?


Lol the worst thing is they speak with a caring voice. The swarm apologizing and using table manners like “thanks” is weird.


We don’t know if Swarm are civilised. Rise of RAAM comics suggested Locust were.

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I will not consider them civilised until they drink tea and watch test cricket.


Its going to be fun dropping an expression after winning a sweaty 1v1 tho… it’s a good call by TC if you ask me.

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It starts small in the end its gonna be emote duels.
where my rock paper scissors emotes at?

This sounds like fun.

I’m not crazy about them but doesn’t bother me much, doing anything but watch your back will get you bodied so those willing to taunt better have that in mind :grimacing:

I can’t wait to drop a fat dab on someone in game and listen to them explode on the mic on how it’s the worst thing ever included on their super serious cover shooter.

I agree in a sense. I don’t mind blood sprays but a lot of them at launch at literally promos for other Xbox games. Forza, Sea of thieves, Halo reach. It looks gross.

I always support more customisation but at the end of the day, quality over quantity.

Well, as Myrrah said: the Humans have always fought each other whilst the Locust never have.

The Lambent are parasites and Not Locust before some smart ■■■ responds.

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Gears is evolving, get ready for jetpacks and energy blades. And the dances! Don’t forget the dances!

Hopefully we can use the “Carlton dance”

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I’m actually a big fan as long as they do them right and bring back to the ghost cam that wasn’t in the tech test. Gears has always been a game I felt every kill was very personal. Being able to taunt players in different ways while they are DBNO or after killing them just adds a more personal touch over the normal teabagging or meat shield humping.

But I to hope they don’t just add a bunch of cheesy dances or straight copy Fortnite or CoD. The expressions need to be gruesome and mature like the rest of the game has always been. Would be cool if they got rid of standard voice lines for headshots and executions and allowed you too pick your favorite lines for each character.

ironic calling for maturity in gears then saying stuff like “crap ops 4”

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Mature themed game yes

Black ops 4 was an utter disaster of a game,

Emotes and stickers out the ■■■.

So take your digs somewhere.

Or do you actually enjoy the worst Cod ever made?

Did I touch a nerve?

Huge difference in a mature themed title and calling a game for what it is …crap.

How old are you? Like 12?

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Seemed like i touched a nerve honestly…

Didn’t even play bo4, just think there something off about calling out Gears for losing its maturity and the statements you make.

And no buddy, I’m not 12. :man_shrugging:

You insinuated I was being immature and still calling for Gears to be mature themed.