UE5 Physic Effects for Gears 6?

Why would anyone get bullied for playing PVE…

You aren’t snarky. You’re a very wholesome Londoner and a gem to the forums. You keep us safe from the hackers, after all.

You clearly haven’t seen the condescending remarks and insults some PvP elitists(who are likely long gone from the forums or only lurk now) toward PvE players.

I meant that WE (the PVE crowd) mock the PVP crowd (although it’s probably reciprical and they give us much back), hence why there’s not many of them here. They mock our lack of skill; while we mock their general stupidity and illiteracy. That’s the theme anyway. And I’d rather have intellect than gaming skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think its a good reason to be mean to someone tho. If people enjoy playing against the AI then that’s fine, it doesn’t effect PVP players. If the tunings were the same and PVE players called for gnasher changes I’m sure it would be a metaphorical bloodbath.

You try to convince those people of it. See if they agree. Apparently we’re all a skill-less bunch because we don’t fight real players.

I say they haven’t tried playing any PvE game on higher difficulties. Both modes require differing skills to be good at them, with only some overlap present.

They’re both hard in different ways to be honest. It is nice that I don’t see any fighting between the two groups tho.

You probably just missed most of the uncivil people getting banned or driven off. For better or for worse.

PVE is just willingness to learn/do mechanics. — anyone good at pve in gow would be good at a hundred other pve games.

Which is not the same as not having skill. As evidenced by the comically awful randoms you can find playing this game in Horde or Escape.

I’ve only played like 4 or 5 public horde games but I’m convinced those kids youre talking about are literally brand new to GoW in general. Like they just completed campaign and wanted to keep playing PvE.

Sadly, I have seen players with a high enough level to indicate they have played more than just the Campaign already, but still suck extremely badly. Some of them are even at the current reup 60 cap. And it’s not just public matchmaking lobbies, but in the lobby browser as well.

I’m not a guy who goes checking achievements to see if they have played previous games, though, or how well.

back to the topic

I would find both good visual and dynamic (PVE & PVP) , dynamic changes only small. Crossing a river or opening a door or driving an elevator to the 2nd floor or to the basement such a map would be something else.

Of course, these would be massive interventions that can take the speed out, Of course, mostly normal cards with little dynamic intervention such as checkout

I think it might be just what Gears needs a refresh

We played a few together and I remember you did just fine despite playing PVE rarely.

Yeah, I’ve played with many myself. Some are like friends of friends.

There’s different tiers of awfulness though. Some of these players can’t seem to do the absolute basics like using cover, aiming even remotely accurately, where the player seems to be very new to GOW full stop.

Then there’s lots of tiers above this where players know the basics and even some of the intermediate skills, but maybe have poor decision making, poor understanding of their class, weapons, knowledge of enemy behaviours, slow reactions to situations etc.

Because you’re both telling me what to do lmao