UE4/UE5 GOW6 destructible cover

After playing around with UE4 and GOW 5 playing 1v1 with that nice little destructible wooden box in the Mercy church, I had an idea. How hard would it be to have destructible actors in GOW6 multiplayer? It would certainly add a new dimension to each match.

  • E.g.1 - You slide behind a nice piece of stone cover (say a rectangular actor), someone hits it with a dropshot and it blows apart and does minor stun/damage.
  • E.g.2 - The same stone actor is shot with high velocity low mass round (pistol/rifle/shotgun) and it applies a ‘chipping’ style vfx but ultimately, does squat to the actor.
  • E.g.3 - Wood/plaster/fiber walls, you try to hide behind a wall (think thicker glass actor) and someone shoots at them with the high velocity low mass rounds, they penetrate and lose velocity (damage potential) to the player on the opposite side.
  • E.g. 4 - Same wood/plaster/fiber wall is shot by an explode on impact round (boomshot, torquebow, dropshot (kinda)), the wall explodes, produces a minor stun/damage effect on the player.

Thoughts? Flames?
p.s. I highly recommend downloading UE4 to take a look, it gives a greater appreciation for the game knowing how much work is put in.

They had something similar in gow2. I just want to see chips falling off cover and exposing players heads/bodyparts to gunfire.

They had it in a different game called Red Faction, with large scale geographical remapping (blowing sh…stuff up) possible. Back in 2001.
Having part of the terrain as destructible could give a fresh view on an otherwise very static map environment.

I remember, in certain locations it would be tolerable but if everything is destructible in respawn gamemodes it would be absolutely toxic.