Two year ban. For early quitting any mode

From what I read was 2 year ban right up to next game. Won’t you do a lifetime ban on all gears games and barred from owning any game. Any digital copies of all gears games installed in console and pc would be wiped from their hard drives. And barred from downloading it.

Maybe people should just stop quitting?


It’s only for the worst quitters though. I think TC mentioned that one of the people who received this 630+ day ban had at their worst, quit 18 out of 21 ranked games in a single 24 hour period or something.


I don’t play ranked games. I play horde, escape, co-op bots

Then you will be fine then. No need to worry about a suspension then.

How about they fix the damn servers kicking you from games. I tried to play 6 Horde games tonight. I was kicked from all 6 games because of server issues. I have fantastic internet at 40mbps dl and 20mbps ul with a ping of 10-20ms. Hardwired to the router. Half the people getting these bans probably never actually quit any game. They were probably kicked and they just tried to play the game is all.

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No one who got a 2 year year ban got it because they got kicked from the server occasionally. In fact, most of the people on reddit and Twitter openly admitted to quitting several matches a day.


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