Two things to make 5 better

Remove the mini map , no need for one as tac com does the job. Stop catering to noobs that can’t be bothered to learn the maps.

Remove this new damage omen that takes up the full screen you can even see what you’re doing when it appears . Major distraction revert back .

Maybe this flash bang looks abit op in my opinion who knows until we test it

Apart from that the game is looking good keep up the good work

Remove the mini map

The minimap is not in Versus.

They have just shown off multiplayer gameplay with the mini map. Are you saying they’ve changed it?

Yes confirmed by TC and the latest footage shows no minimap.

It’s too late for any major changes, besides they don’t listen to the community anyway

I see they have “active objectives” now. Looks like we can activate at least three bounties at once. That’s a small change but one requested by the community.