Two Player Horde (PLEASE HELP)

Me and my friend are trying to play a private match on horde mode. We also want to play with AI teammates but every time we try to load the game it gets stuck on a menu saying searching for other players when we don’t want to play with other players. Please someone inform me on what to do. Thanks.

Horde > Custom > Host Private.


I hosted a private match but every time the game starts up all it says is (waiting on players).

You do have to start it manually. It’s not gonna start on its own, the private lobby.

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How do you go about starting it manually? Sorry I’m kinda new to this.

I think some people might not be understanding you. Do you start the game from the lobby and then you get a loading screen, the map loads and the scoreboard pops up but the game never starts after that?

In the lobby, depending on whether you play with keyboard or controller, the bottom left will tell you the button to start the match.

If it’s that it shouldn’t be happening when nobody else is going to be joining into the match unless one player takes longer to load in than the other.

Press the X button!

Yes, when I start the game from the lobby me and my friend just sit on a loading screen and it says waiting for other players. Also the other 3 open player slots will be AI Teammates correct?

I know you said private match but be sure that’s what you select at the top of the custom lobby list