Two packs released at the same time

just a few minutes ago i saw 2 packs release at the same time, the cog officer pack and the spectral pack, but it was quickly deleted so it must’ve been a mistake


Did you happen to buy any? (With credits)

Curious what they contained

They are old. COG officer includes JD and Del in their retro uniforms. Spectrals are the white and black Deadeyes.
Nug probably stumbled upon a mistake or a preview to a rehash weekend.

Most likely a mistake since it was removed quickly after.

Those may be packs we get this weekend.

Odd. Didn’t they say that we will be getting a new pack in early June? I’d have thought this means from Friday 8 June (given that the following Friday would be mid-June…).

It may be possible, but why two packs?

i saw the same thing, and wanted to go back and purchase them and they removed them. They always do that. Even the Gears Pro Circuit supporter 9 pack comes and goes every half hour or so.

Those packs are being released this weekend.