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Two highest rank tiers need to be blocked from

Arcade and first two difficulty levels on verses game modes. It’s making beginners quit playing altogether. I’m tired of diamond players 5v1 arcade. I’m not a ranked player either.


Matchmaking has been a big issue. I am just bronze and I keep getting matched with people way above my skill level. It does get frustrating.


One can only hope it will be fixed at some point but right now rank only means there are no bots, nothing else.

I’m a bronze paired against diamonds and after they mop the floor with me I lose the few points I have. Forget about numbers and just try to enjoy the game, else you go insane trying to understand what even TC doesn’t know.


Exactly my friend. I get stuck with 5 humans on one team and I’m dumped onto 4 bot team.

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Dont worry guys TC is aware of the issue and they just dont know how long it will take to fix. Give them time, since years of development wasnt enough.


Fist bump. They had close to 3 years approx. It’s not enjoyable getting shutout by uneven over powered players at higher skill set.


Arcade is a non-ranked casual mode.

You say ban the “two highest rank tiers” from the mode, but good players don’t really touch Arcade from what I’ve seen.

The only people who play Arcade are noobs and people who like to sit back with rifles.

The good players are playing FFA, Ranked, or custom lobbies.


It’s frustrating on both ends, top players dont want new players and new players dont want top players.

I’m all for just simplifying the game and making it casual at this point. The balancing is clearly not working.


I don’t care about Arcade myself but you can’t block me out of a mode entirely because I’m too skilled. That’s just nonsense.

I don’t want to feed on new players either. It’s just not fun to demolish players who aren’t even near my skill level. I prefer matches to be sweaty where every action counts.

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I liked your answer quite abit. At least you can understand where I’m coming at. I get stuck on teams that barely hold ground while being destroyed in mins by over powered teams or players. I could tell your into high intense games. Since my head injury in 2014 from a drunk driver from behind I have a hard time keeping up with the rest. That’s why I don’t do rank matches anymore. Doing tour of duty is hard enough.

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I have noticed this too. There are some crazy skilled players playing Arcade which is supposed to be a casual mode for newcomers, but sometimes it has the opposite effect.

Like I said before head injury really messed me up. I’m not longer fast enough to play rank anymore.


Totally agree. It is no fun for ANYONE be it the lower skilled players or the higher skill ones. But due to the awful ranking/scoring system it is almost irrelevant.
Won a game on AFA the other day and I scored 74 kills (this is good for me) and 20 odd caps. The MVP, who was on my team got 120+ eliminations
…I LOST points and went down in my tier of Bronze 3. This is really not the way to get casuals to stick around and become Gears fans. We do it and stay because we love Gears, but that sometimes is the only reason!

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Yes more and more people are leaving. I left for Halo master Chief.

Have fun :+1: I played a fair deal of that. I like Halo but Gears is in my blood and soul :wink: