TWIG: Operation 8!

Who makes these fixes? Because practically every enemy does this, not just those two.

And I’m quite honestly not seeing any point in withholding the patch notes when they are this meager in size instead of sparing the disappointment and just including them in the reveal.



I don’t buy skins generally or cosmetics for real money but I have to say that queen blacksteel looks good.

Not good enough to stop me using V day Sam every wave since she hit the game but decent.

It pains me to say it but she looks good.

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Guardians/Sentinels and Heavies love to down you when feared.


One important note regarding the 360 Curbstomp Execution Pack.

For Operation 8, a lot of executions that were previously on Snub, Boltok and Talon have now been added to the Lancer/Gnasher. As these executions didn’t show a weapon in the hand, it made sense to do it!



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The pain… :frowning:

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@Danny_Ucey loves it when I insult her :smirk:

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Love is pain

Pain is love

BS Valera? I’ll pay extra for that. Nothing more than $3 though


Would be nice if we could get a fly over of the new map🤔

Any word on being able to complete the TOXIC skins?

Tbh I think a CS Valera would suit her better. Since her armor is already in that color spectrum.

Still waiting on that gears 3 dom :weary:

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Dude, I’ll take anything Valera lol

I’m scared to be in matches with BS & CS Myrrah’s and hear that annoying laugh all the time

Don’t think Gears 3 Dom will make it tbh…rip

Give V-Day Cole and Baird.
They didn’t even make it into 4.

and Guardians and Sentinels…


Still no fix for the poor Flame Grenadier and Theron’s heads :frowning:

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Not even classic commando? :pleading_face:

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I said that too.
Heavies also like to punch you whilst fleeing, or fire a salvo.

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Looking forward as ever to trying out a totally new map.

@TC_Shauny is capture the flag 5v5 in competitive? Often run a 5 stack in guardian and we all fancy a change.