TWIG: May 24th - 31st

Hello everyone! With Operation 7 well under way we’re back with another This Week in Gears.

Versus Event: Golden Gun with mutators!

Golden Gun is a team-based event where you are given one gun, your Golden Gun, you can only blind fire it, should you hit an enemy you’ll instantly kill them! Miss… and you’ll have to deal with an extremely long reload time so make your shots count!

This isn’t your ordinary Golden Gun event we’ve added some fun mutators for you to use!

  • Confetti Headshot – Score a headshot with your Golden Gun and you'll be rewarded with a confetti effect on the person you just killed.
  • Gun Sounds – The Golden Gun will make "unique" noises as it fires
  • Golden Hour Filter – A golden gun means a special filter, and for this, we're turning your game into a delicious golden color!

Horde Event: Horde Frenzy on 3 new maps!

Back for a final week, we’ll be providing a special playlist for you to play Horde Frenzy on three new maps added exclusively for this event – Atrium, Turbine, and Command.

Reminder: You will have this last week to finish the exclusive medal group, granting you access to the Relic Weapon Skin Set, medal details below.

  • Frenzy Carnage – Do 3,000,000 damage in the Horde Frenzy Event
  • Frenzy Horder – Collect 500,000 Energy in the Horde Frenzy Event
  • OP6 Tour De Horde – Win 1 Match on Atrium, Turbine and Command in the Horde Frenzy Event
  • Warden Body Count – Get 20 Warden Eliminations in the Horde Frenzy Event

Once the event ends next week these maps will be playable in private matches!

Weekly Store

  • Desert Keegan – 250 Iron
  • Desert Lahni – 250 Iron
  • Desert Mac – 250 Iron
  • Veni Vidi Vici Banner – 200 Iron
  • Brass Knuckles Mark – 125 Iron

Feature Store

  • Desert Armor Scion – 250 Iron, 2000 Gear Coins
  • Desert Armor Cole – 250 Iron, 2000 Gear Coins
  • Tiger Legacy Weapon Set – 425 Iron, 3400 Gear Coins
  • Swarm Pod Bloodspray – 125 Iron, 1000 Gear Coins
  • Shoot Here Mark – 65 Iron, 500 Gear Coins

Gears esports

Here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!

Gears Pro League

Challenger teams step up for the first online tournament of the new split, with a whole new ruleset to play with who knows what’ll happen!

Look out for the full information on this event at!


For another weekend the team at EGL will be running the fifth week of their EU open series!

Featuring matches of Control, Escalation and Execution 2.0 this tournament offers prize money up for grabs and the opportunity to square off against top teams in Europe & South America!

Look out for how to sign up on the @EGLGears Twitter!


Black Steel Savage Kantus – 2.99 USD

Gears Glory

With a versus event recently dedicated to headshots, our Gears Glory month has been all about popping heads!

OSOK EXPLOSIVE BLINDFIRE QUAD CROSSMAP. LETS GOOOO 😄#ZenGears @ZenUnited_— Sopping (@ImSopping) May 18, 2021

Explosive OSOK 4 in 1!

EXPLOSIVE QUAD! #ZenGears #GearsGlory— Alex K. (@fivesthecreator) May 19, 2021

Explosive OSOK quad!

And as always, take care and have an absolutely wonderful week!



wow nothing thanks


Desert. Armour. Mac.


Mac is a must.


Don’t wanna be negative but this store is really bad… like terrible… low effort skins for characters we don’t care about…


when will more BS characters come out?

And my boy Big Rig Dizzy

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expect the HB fans coming your way lol


Been after Desert Cole too, so I’m happy.

I wish it was the UIR Officer but im glad its not motor pool Lizzie again, I cant get mad at TC for that at least.

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Travail working arbeiten GIF - Find on GIFER

me rn


I’d take Keegan, will admit it


oh boy…

*Laughs in Keegan.


I will definitely be having the desert skins cause they look nice lol.

And I will definitely get the desert skins as well… next week.


they arent bad :slight_smile: actually they are probably some of my fav desert skins, my fav probably being the UIR sandswept and Baird.

the new desert swarm sniper though… :flushed:

Ah crap, was hoping competitive had got the axe. :joy:

Probably biweekly again. 4 BS char in the files rn and the OP is 11 weeks. Store doesn’t update in the last week.

That’s quick maths.

Def getting desert lahni for Iron boys.