TWIG: Feb 16th - 22nd

Hello everyone!

With a new week comes another This Week in Gears! We know last week was a little rough – a reminder that we have a post about the Re-ups here.

Versus Event: Arms Race

Take down your opponent with every gun. Completing three kills changes your team’s weapon. Get three kills with the final weapon to finish the match and defeat your enemies. Hope you know how to handle the big guns. Arms Race will be running until the end of Operation 5 as we prepare to move into Operation 6!

Horde Event

There will be no Horde Event this week and as we move towards Operation 6! In the meantime, please share your Boss Rush moments with us on your social platform of choice!

Escape Event: The Warren

This week’s hive is The Warren. With many electrified juvies to deal with, this one won’t be easy.

Gears Glory

As previously mentioned last week Gears Glory continues with the focus on Black History Month.

Today, we are featuring lx_kaos_gaming’s staying under pressure in his tribute to Gears of War.

Dexter Weeks’ Hana Cole looking ready to take on the Wakaatu!

You can submit your community content via the hashtag #GearsGlory on Twitter and Instagram, throughout the month we’ll be highlighting our favorites culminating with our selected favorites at the end of February. This is the last week to submit for February’s Theme!

Weekly Store

This week we have added the Heroic Myrrah Character Skin and the Heroic Team Crystal Weapon Set. These and other Heroic items that may be available in the store will ONLY be able to be unlocked with Gears Coins. We will also be adding them to the permanent collection for you to continue to strive for and unlock these prestigious skins when you can.

  • Omega Squad Dom – 250 Iron
  • Heroic Myrrah – 40,000 Gears Coins
  • Heroic Team Crystal Full Set – 65,000 Gears Coins
  • Year of the Ox Full Set – FREE
  • Swarm Pod Bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Gears Coins
  • Rift Worm Mark – 65 Iron or 500 Gears Coins

Feature Store

  • Ronin Karn – 1500 Iron or 10,000 Gears Coins

  • Retro Wave Legacy Set – 425 Iron or 3,400 Gears Coins

  • Year of the Rat Legacy Set – 300 Iron or 2,380 Gears Coins *

  • Unicorn Mark – 65 Iron or 500 Gears Coins

  • Unicorn Bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Gears Coins

  • Store items marked with this have been given a special discount of 30% as they are already in the essentials part of the store.

Gears esports

  • Chrome Steel Lahni – $9.99 USD
  • Chrome Steel Mac – $9.99 USD
  • Chrome Steel Keegan– $9.99 USD
  • Chrome Steel Legacy Set – $9.99 USD

As a heads up, this will be the last week for new Operation 5 items in the store. We will be bringing you a whole lot of prior Gears Goodies for next week.

Stay tuned for next week as we begin to talk to you about all things Operation 6!

Take care and have yourselves a wonderful week.



Hey Major Howl


Wish they alternated and gave us some swarm chrome steels :sob:

Not a bad twig though, be interesting to see how good (or bad) the team crystal weapon set looks.


Btw; where are the missing event-medals for the tour? @TC_Kilo1062

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Oh yes, I’m going to love spending full price for a weapon set where I’m only missing four skins because they never got put out properly…

Well, then again, they were selling it ridiculously overpriced back then as well. Just a shame I still am sitting on this.


What in tarnation?


You can thank TC for that.

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They’re coming with tomorrow’s update!

  • Get 15 Eliminations with the Boomshot, Dropshot or Torque Bow across any Versus Weekly Events.

  • Get 15 Eliminations with the Claw, Hammerburst or Breaker Mace across any Versus Weekly Events.



How are those servers doing?


Damn, that looks like the equivalent of holding a penny stock in hopes that it will one day raise again.


Those Heroic Team Crystal skins look much nicer.

Compared to the Heroic Ascendant ones, it kinda reminds me of a child’s artwork at different stages of completion - the Ascendant ones are like an uncomplete one where they’ve drawn it and started some of the colouring; and the Crystal ones is the completed version ready to be displayed on the wall.


I don’t expect to be able to get rid of all that. Though to be perfectly clear, some of that Iron is also from Tours and cause I had gotten the Op 2 bundle for its weapon skins.

Next time TC should just do straight up money only purchases for their paid items. I don’t even have an use for all that Iron except Boost which is effectively worthless to me at the moment too.


Now they’re nice :sunglasses:

Proper stand out skin that shame I’m poor after buying random ■■■■ :rofl:

I mean at least they will be a permanent addition to the store, but 100k for 1 skin and a weapon skin set? That’s pretty hefty even if it is permanent, plus more are going to be added

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Still no Winter armor Marcus.

Maybe scrapping is the big suprise for OP6. 100k would be nothing then.


I’m still hoping that TC just threw that curveball about it (scrapping excess skill cards) not being on their agenda, and it turns out they were tricking us to throw us off the trail. I mean, they previously said that they were working on it. Not even “we will be working on it soon” - but the wording was that they had actually started on working on it.


I will thank u and same to u.

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Other than Omega Squad Dom and the CS weapon skins, everything else is kinda disappointing. We just got the CS Hivebuster skins not too long ago, why not bring back older CS skins like Baird and Ben?

Or you know, just give us all of the old CS skins but y’know y’all love to dripfeed…

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