Tweaking, nerfing, and updates

STOP TWEAKING THE GAME! The launch game was perfect, don’t nerf or tweak the game. Stand behind your finished product. Weapons are perfectly balanced, actually skill involved instead of just wall bouncing and rodeo run shotgun battles. Finally, a gears as good as gears 1 and 2. I beg you not to make the same mistakes made in previous gears, updates ruined each and every one of them.


It’s not perfectly balanced, no game is

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I think the preponderance of flash spam is probably enough to conclude the game isn’t perfectly balanced.

Nah… This game’s gonna need alot of updates… They need to fix all the broken

“Finished Product”?
That’s seriously laughable…
For reference: read the last 10,000 threads.

Yes sir I agree, nothing is perfect, wasn’t being 100% literal.
The game and weapons are well balanced.

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I think this is just a troll post honestly because the gnasher battles were always a staple of gears even since 1. Also games launched these days are never a final product. Thanks to the internet, there is no longer a dire need to ship a complete game since it can be patched. There will be some balance changes at some point. When that occurs I do not know, what that will encompass is also unknown but I am sure you posted this to get a reaction.

I’m fine with the weapon balance. Fine tune the movement. Fix the matchmaking issues. Take aim assist away from ranked. Fix the damn input lag! .hit detection as well/ Then we worry about the balancing once we get everything else where it needs to be first. That way we can really play the game and have it work right. Balancing weapons while that game has issues at it’s foundation is stupid.

Nope not a troll post, just wasn’t specific s enough. Yes shotgun battles made gears . Weapons balanced the game to make it well rounded. Without explaining every single detail, gears 5 has a good weapon system and/or balance. Taping the A button and sliding back and forth shooting the shotgun takes no skill. In my opinion epic has a tendency to ruin their games with weapon tweaks, ever since Gears 2. Game needs work, no doubt, but keep weapons balanced.