Tutorial: How to get low ping in Ranked Matches [Playable]

I’ve been seeing many players complaning about having a very high ping during the matches, which make them left the match and screw up the rest of the team. So, I decided to teach you all HOW TO GET A DECENT PLAYABLE PING, so you all CAN STOP F#CKING MY RANK quitting the match like that. That’s starting to piss me off.

So, let’s begin:

On main menu, go to Settings. Once you’ve got there, head over to “Matchmaking”. Now all you have to do is switch the preferences to Low ping matches. Now you can have fun. Enjoy!

See? Is not that hard, is it? I’ts magical how you can get decent ping on Gears 5, because all you have to do is switch the f#cking option, so you can stop screwing up my rank…


nice try but quitters gonna quit bro… not much else can be done… their new stuff they plan in Op 5 might help a little, but it’s still gonna happen.

It may help in some situations, but it’s not going to filter all high or spiky pings. That’s my experience anyway.


Yea, t helps but the bouncing pings don’t get filtered… They come in with 30… As soon as any action starts BOOM 180


If only this actually helped

This is for you, but the opponents will still have high pings.

My PvE pings are typically good, but in the approximately 4 whole hours I’ve spent in Gears 5 PvP, I’ve never been under 150. I don’t think it’s necessarily always the players fault when pings are high. And yes, I changed my settings to get a better connection.

If it was that easy.

Mines been set on low ping since I found out about the feature & still doesn’t filter.

I just stack as much as I can if I play gears. That way I know my players won’t quit.