Turret Missing from Gears 5 Horde. Will it return

So, what is the chance the Turret will return, one day in the future. I have no idea why it was missed out, and even to this day i am still looking for it when building my Fortifications.
My role in the game is the Engineer, it is all i will play, because i like to build. I do not like the Energy situation in Gears 5 Horde, it literally pisses me off. And what else does, looking for the Turret i know is not there. Many times i have thought, this map would be great with a Turret. But no, not there.
I would like to hope if The Coalition fix the game, they will bring back the Turret, it is sorely missed.

Not sure OP,but Lizzie Carmine is having her silverback as her special,

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My experience is that the turrets where rarely used anyway. A fully upgraded one could do a big difference against bosses but now since “bleed” and increased tri-shot use is here I cant see anyone using them.

Could it be in the future though that it gets added to some of the engineers?

Manned turrets were great and used a lot before they got totally nerfed :frowning:

Maybe Clayton Carmine could summon a Manned Chaingun as an Ultimate Fortification.

Or maybe a Vulcan Cannon.

Or it could just be an Engineer Ultimate to summon Turret.


Well, GOW3 added the Command Centre fortification in an update, so I guess it’s possible to add a new fortifications. And the turret is already ingame so the assets are already there… I guess it’s a case of whether TC want to or not, and how they balance it? I’d rather Horde not turn into a turret-fest but it could work if only one turret can be built per Engineer at any one time?

Given a choice, which one would you choose in a Horde game, MG Sentry or Turret.
I personally do not like MG Sentries, they are expensive to repair and reload, i prefer the Shocks over MG Sentry anytime. I have always built a Turret in Gears of War 4 Horde, it just seems strange it not being there now.