Turn your settings up!

This thread won’t last and it’s probably an obvious thing to say, however now I’ve turned my sensitivity to max to compensate for the slower gameplay I’m finding it alot easier.

So players who haven’t tried give it a go, I highly recommend it.

Higher settings, more jittery.

Do you reckon? It’s better for me just took mvp on 77 kills on koth. I found I was being out shot on the kill cams so I turned things up. Now I’m getting more kills.

Depends who you are playing.


Shame too, my sensitivity was already all 30s on Gears 4 lol

and how much the settings suit you.

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This doesn’t make sense to me

I’m the opposite I have actually turned my sensitivity down for this game. Despite it being slower it’s a lot less linear and more progressive. It’s harder to stay smooth and consistent in this game. Normally on 4 I’m on 30… on 5 I’m on 26. The movement on 4 is a lot more crisp and tight. 5 feels very heavy.

Gears 5 is overall a much slower game compared to gears 4 imo. I was playing on 24 settings but now I’m on the highest this compensates for the pace of this game making it easier to play.

Its something that worked for me so I’m just trying to help others out.

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I have all my settings maxed and the game still feels sluggish. Some tweaks need to be made to make the sensitivity feel faster… cause 30 everything and still feeling like a tank turning is a problem.

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You can speed it up a bit more if you turn down the aim acceleration. It might not feel as natural at first, worth playing around with though.

Tournament alt would of been nice. That’s my only issue.

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Even with maximum sensitivity, I have difficulty when it comes controlling the Talon. In close quarters, holding down RT with massive recoil. To combat it, if I hold RS all the way down vs massive recoil, my reticule will go all the way to the floor. I gotta move RS down, like half way but it’s still tricky to pull off.