Turn text chat back on!

The amount of question going around on how to turn the chat back on is insane.

At this point they should turn it back on for everyone and inform people how to turn it off.

Why did they even turn it off for everyone in the first place?

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Its not like its hard to figure out how to turn it on.

They turned it off because it went free with gold and they didnt want to deter new players from playing and protect them from the toxic chat🤷‍♂️

These sort of threads and posts are confusing. Surely these people know it is just a toggle switch, to have it back ?!?

They turned it off due to possible toxicity!

With all the safeguards in place that keep any language from popping up including the word a$$. I’m thinking it was about more than just toxic language or encounters.

And that toggle switch is pretty well hidden in the 8 different menus you can go into.
If anything there should be a toggle to turn it off or on at the main menu.

Hi. I think TC even have that as a reason for “hiding” it

It’s a game of homicidal monsters that you chainsaw and curse at.

Never have I remotely seen any toxicity in Gears.


There is some examples if you search online or the “official Twitter forums”. Doesn’t tend to get thrown around these forums because of TCs no shaming policy on here.


I know man, like it’s so hard just to go to the settings and turn it on. Too many button presses man. ;(