Turn Off Cross Play in xbox dashboard

It doesn’t it’s a different game kid. Also I must have mistyped or got auto corrected. I’m meant boy not bro. When I was talking about gears 5 forced crossplay and pc advantage your skill level at gears 5 isn’t relevant especially is you don’t play gears 5 on console against pc. So your gears 4 skill level means less than nothing in this instance. Your skill level in general means nothing if you tried to provide an opinion on why there isn’t an advantage then that would be sufficient but you actually made a point about why pc has an advantage. Lol. Your not to good at this are you? I’m guessing you weren’t the best at gears 4 either :lying_face:

Never made an excuse for my ‘lack of skill’ as I don’t lack skill in any way at this game. Get a console and find out boy.

Fix the Stairs is trash lol

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Agreed, I have played on Xbox one, Xbox one x, Xbox series x and PC, and as far as I could tell there was zero difference in input delay.


I’m sure they exist but they’re so minuscule the majority of the community would never notice them. Definitely not enough to give one player a win over the next player.

Latency was and still is the biggest issue.

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Yes, because you seem to believe that ‘your’ is the only variant of the word and applicable to all sentences. Once, fair enough, but 8 times in the one thread?


Lol we got another did your friend call for you before he went silent. If I had time I’d silence you but sadly I have things to do. Your a bit late to the party though. Took a while to think of that. Perhaps you could hold his hand and walk him through it next time. I don’t have time to correct the spelling I’m on my phone. If I ever have any further grammar issues I will PM you though. Enjoy your night

Now it’s your whole team played Iike crap. You are just full of excuses and yourself. Yeah you 2-0 out crew because you rotated and lancered more than us. Congrats you crossed more than my team. Clown posted the outcome from it. Your elims where on par with us. Sometimes the match just goes that way and you win. Other times you lose.

But let’s get this clear. You aren’t better than me pc kid

Technology isn’t static. A pc>seriesx>x>one

Something from 2013 isn’t going to perform like something from 2020.

Input delays have been posted and shown that a pc and series x have lower delays than a one by at least 40% or more.


Id say series x > Pc because hardware diversity on pc makes for a very tricky thing. Yes im sure some pc’s out preform the series x but id say more often than not with the current price of components youre for a lack if a better word. High off your ■■■?

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I know that, I have seen the numbers however if you look at my post again

I said I never noticed any difference, not that there is no difference.

Fair, but i can notice from xbox one to pc.

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when it’s not going anyone’s way, I feel we will all come up with an excuse.

It’s cool matching with you guys in the previous system. Hope it comes up in this new one.

Sadly, I haven’t had time to play much the new OP. My mind and heart arent into much right now.

I feel like I have been playing the worst and it shows. Sorry for my rant. I don’t check the forums much.

All love to you Krylon and Ryan. I’m glad you guys still play a game we all connected through.

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We did play poorly. Did you guys play poorly? Because that’s also a possibility. Ask @TC_Clown he will tell you that’s not the way we normally play… everyone including you has off matches. And we were not playing very well. No communication, movement or aim. Warm up games are just that. First match is never easy for most of us.

Don’t take everything so serious. That’s not a rip on you. But I’d be more than happy to rematch for fun. We had fun regardless because I knew some of you guys.

I don’t play much either. My focus the last few months has been on other things and I only play once in a while. In order for me to be good at any game I need to continue to play it and gain a rhythm or it becomes difficult. This is true for nearly everyone in all aspects of life.

I had fun not only playing against you but teaming up with you. Hopefully once we do either of those again neither of us are full of as much rust as an old junk yard bound car. :yum:

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Let me explain something for you and everyone else.

I walked into Walmart today on a toy run with my kids and on a whim I checked the tv section. Walk over to the xbox section and they have one series s in the case. So after talking to my wife I bought it.

Past two games I lost because my team mates were turnips, but I’ve already noticed my guns hits more. The game looks crisp.

So the idea pc and x don’t have advantages? Laughable.

And apparently if you use mouse and key you have no snub rate of fire cap.

You have to understand we all have those games where we match up equally it seems and you can compete with anyone. I’ve had those games. At least once a night with snubbs I’ll get mvp, but snubbs is a better player than I. It’s just sometimes the connection is perfect and crisp.

You all know what I am talking about here. So let’s stop the nonsense there aren’t differences.

You can always come and talk and hang Kyle.

I’m glad you found an S man. I really want to buy a console because of these stutters I experience but I will only settle for an X. I could have bought an S on multiple occasions but chose not to. They tend to last for hours when they go up online.

Enjoy it bud. I just don’t think any console gamer understand how crippling stutters can be. It’s like playing on an Xbox 360 with constant freezes. It’s a nightmare.

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Welcome to playing on an Xbox one.
I’ll still get the x down the road. Next up is a monitor so I cam play at 120 fps.

Thanks though.

Appreciate it.

I have been writing more and taking time to myself. Sorry I don’t add much in the group chat.

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Even if you are in the chat…who cares…ya know? Granted I’m in a chat with snubs and well…zzzzzzzz

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