Turn Off Cross Play in xbox dashboard

I’d expect better from you. You have a gamer picture from one of the most difficult games of all time. You must love a challenge.

NGB/NG2 are only challenging because they’re on Xbox. They’d both be a cakewalk if they were on PC.

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Diamond 4 in Gears 4 on an Xbox One.

My real skill is way higher than you could ever hope to be. My whole team played like crap against you guys on Checkout, a map we didn’t even vote for, and 2-0 your crew. @TC_Clown knows that you guys ran into us playing at maybe 50%. But hey, whatever helps you feel better about yourself. :joy:

I don’t even know why David hangs out with you guys at this point. He’s not full of excuses and is actually fun to be around. Other than @Aloha_its_Kyle the rest of you are just excuse makers.

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I must admit your trolling levels are unmatched by everyone else.


These delays aren’t make or break. Latency is a much larger issue at hand.

But it would certainly be nice if we could get our hands on a Series X without paying a scalper. 6 months later and it’s still impossible to find one. We can all agree that this is a major problem for everyone.

I agree, but why does the community as a whole have to suffer because you dont wanna play against pc when most PC’s are hardly outperforming the one X and not even coming close to the series x hardware.

Also not to bust your balls but some of those players you listed are KB&M so is your problem with a KB&M player getting 120 fps on a console rocking your dome or a Kb&M player on a pc rocking your dome?

Ill admit i get salty as well with KB&M because it absolutely takes less skill to master than playing thumbs or paddles and i absolutely dont think it should be in the current matchmaking the way it is. I made suggestions on my mega thread how to fix this and ill post it at the bottom.

You called Aurora real skill, hes M&KB. Is the difference hes nice to people?

I was D5 in all modes on pc and d5 90% on a one on exe once the community started to die. This means pretty much nothing to the conversation at hand yall are just throwing insults

This is true especially with the current shot delays its anyones game. On 4 in a 1v it very much could be.

So nice to not have to type all this out over and over.

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Lol kyron you get an Xbox and play me and I’ll judge your skill level. Until then your just a pc guy.

You don’t think delays are make or break when split seconds and trades happen in gears every little bit makes a difference. I only rate console players everyone should have fun and that’s it.

I don’t need you to judge me. There are plenty of people here who can confirm my skill level on an Xbox including our resident moderator @GhostofDelta2. Even @TC_Clown knows I started on Xbox and was as skilled as I claim to be.

Why would I spend money on an Xbox just to prove something to you? If you choose to not believe me that’s your right. Doesn’t bother me if you constantly get upset over being beat by PC players.

Besides, I barely play the game anymore. The constant stutters that put me at a major disadvantage are too frustrating to deal with. If you think input delay is a larger issue when compared to major stutters you’re full of it.


But your talking about how good you were on gears 4 on console. It’s irrelevant. If you believe there’s no real advantage on pc. Get an Xbox and I’ll show you how good you are. But whilst on pc no need to brag because your clearly not that good bro :v:

Idiots lol someone’s triggered. I think you just realised your explanation of your gears 4 skill means nothing in a conversation about gears 5 crossplay. Idiot. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Also I don’t remember you on gears 4. It’s a small game I really don’t think you were as good as your inflated ego imagines.

It means everything.

Except Gears 5 has even less of a gap due to all these added delays so platform can’t be used as an excuse here.

If someone is able to do what I said in Gears 4 they’d be able to do it in Gears 5 easily. It’s not hard… it’s not like we’re comparing Halo 5 to Gears 5. We’re comparing Gears to Gears.

Keep making excuses for your lack of skill. When I do play I’ll continue to enjoy the taste of the salt you leave on the battlefield.

By the way, I’m not triggered. I’m quite calm and laughing at your idiotic comments. Keep the excuses coming. In reality you look like the joke here. Not anyone else.

Edit: I don’t remember you either. But I do remember top end players such as @TSU_Silent who were playing in that tier. Funny how that works…

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It doesn’t it’s a different game kid. Also I must have mistyped or got auto corrected. I’m meant boy not bro. When I was talking about gears 5 forced crossplay and pc advantage your skill level at gears 5 isn’t relevant especially is you don’t play gears 5 on console against pc. So your gears 4 skill level means less than nothing in this instance. Your skill level in general means nothing if you tried to provide an opinion on why there isn’t an advantage then that would be sufficient but you actually made a point about why pc has an advantage. Lol. Your not to good at this are you? I’m guessing you weren’t the best at gears 4 either :lying_face:

Never made an excuse for my ‘lack of skill’ as I don’t lack skill in any way at this game. Get a console and find out boy.

Fix the Stairs is trash lol

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Agreed, I have played on Xbox one, Xbox one x, Xbox series x and PC, and as far as I could tell there was zero difference in input delay.


I’m sure they exist but they’re so minuscule the majority of the community would never notice them. Definitely not enough to give one player a win over the next player.

Latency was and still is the biggest issue.

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Yes, because you seem to believe that ‘your’ is the only variant of the word and applicable to all sentences. Once, fair enough, but 8 times in the one thread?


Lol we got another did your friend call for you before he went silent. If I had time I’d silence you but sadly I have things to do. Your a bit late to the party though. Took a while to think of that. Perhaps you could hold his hand and walk him through it next time. I don’t have time to correct the spelling I’m on my phone. If I ever have any further grammar issues I will PM you though. Enjoy your night

Now it’s your whole team played Iike crap. You are just full of excuses and yourself. Yeah you 2-0 out crew because you rotated and lancered more than us. Congrats you crossed more than my team. Clown posted the outcome from it. Your elims where on par with us. Sometimes the match just goes that way and you win. Other times you lose.

But let’s get this clear. You aren’t better than me pc kid

Technology isn’t static. A pc>seriesx>x>one

Something from 2013 isn’t going to perform like something from 2020.

Input delays have been posted and shown that a pc and series x have lower delays than a one by at least 40% or more.