Turn Off Cross Play in xbox dashboard

In xbox dashboard goto
settings->general->online safety & family->privacy & online safety->xbox privacy->view details & customize->communication & multiplayer
Look for: YOU CAN JOIN CROSS-NETWORK PLAY tab and set it to block.

Make sure you completely exit and restart the game…
Hope this helps…



I thought that I heard this doesn’t actually work?


I will remember your name just in case I see you in game :wink:


Wonder if this works, or if Perhaps its only intended not to be matched with/against Ps4/Switch players from games that support that, as Apex Legends or Fortnite.

Guess the only real way to know is activate it then go for some days to play tons of Competitive games and go check everyone profile over and over to see nobody from PC.

Too bad this would, if works, also block PC players from PvE, where I do appreciate their objectively superior hardware :sweat_smile:

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So you’re saying you don’t want to play with me in PVE ?

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Man y’all are desperate


I posted this 2 weeks ago because people that don’t want to play cross play are just going to quit. Nobody’s mind will change on either side. There is a reason other games don’t force it


I can’t really have too much input on the issue because I play with PC players all the time despite being on console. So nothing’s really changed for me.

That being said I think this is T.C.'s worst idea yet and they should really look into restoring optional cross play and fire whoever suggested this. Because that person is DEFINITELY trying to kill this games population.


Has anyone confirmed this works

Lmao imagine

I’m in the same boat because I don’t even play pvp but I do think this will ultimately lower the player base.

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Put some tinfoil on your router too. This will prevent PC molecules from entering your connection.


LuL only four antennas ngmi.

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Also want to know can anyone confirm if this works?

This doesnt work, if you look at the setting on the xbox website its worded slightly different.


Since you need a xbox/microsoft account to play and are connected to the xbox live framework even if your on PC though steam, this setting will change nothing, it would only do something if you could play without a xbox account (using just a steam account, for example).


It doesn’t work. The dev has on it on so the xbox won’t block pc players regardless of what it says.



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So basically it’s like the Steam/Gog Galaxy crossplay.
Providers not Hardware.

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