Turn off aim assist in ranked

Why is aim assist on in ranked , are yall so bad you rely on a computer…
its dumb to watch someone shoot air and still get me, giving noobs a handicap.

Coalition , why don’t u actually listen to the community for once.

Gears needs new management asap



I agree on turning off aim assist across all PvP platforms.

It’s unnecessary.

Can’t get better if you have aim assist.


I agree aim assist shouldn’t be a thing in ranked.

With that said, the kill cam is inaccurate as hell and only shows server side and is all too often not an accurate representation of what’s actually happening on enemy’s screen.


I actually thought they turned it off but lo and behold it was still on when I checked. I kept mine off but I turned it back on recently simply because I no longer care about knowing I’m better than these trash cans. They’ll always keep it on and are probably unaware of it being the reason they get any kills in the first place. I’d rather not be at any more disadvantage than I have to be



Imagine if the game had R6’s competitive settings
That’s a real PvP game

Whilst I agree that PvP shouldn’t have Aim Assist (and I manually disabled mine)

It’s worth noting now that it’s much better than it used to be,

  1. Adhesion is gone
  2. Magnetism has been greatly reduced
  3. Friction makes almost no difference.

Aim assist used to be a huge issue, I don’t even notice it anymore.

This is why is used to play execution and escalation,
. IMO aim assist should always be off in ranked

Barely on is it? people preach aim assist when half the time someone’s just damn accurate

See i agree some have great accuracy, until you see the kill cam lmao.

No, it needs to be consistent across the game.

Either turn it off completely or tone it down, but do it across the board.

It is too confusing otherwise.


Kill cam may show a player aiming to the side of someone and getting a kill, but it’s inaccurate. People should realize this by now. It is not showing you the opponent’s screen. It’s showing you what the server thinks is on the opponent’s screen.

Kill cam needs to go IMO. I turned mine off months ago and never looked back.