Turn back on European servers for GOW 4

Ok, so the state of Gears 5 now is a mess, i am a KOTH player, and that is what i like to play, but with op lancers and flashbangs KOTH is no fun to play, it is actually unplayable when you face a team that abuse the state it is in now. so i realised GOW 4 is much more fun experience, but for som reason, i live in Norway, but every match i join after Gears 5 came out, i get put on Mexican servers with 140 ping +, so please let me play on europerian servers! I have played Gears since 2006 , was top tier player on annex, and loved KOTH since then, but now it is just not fun annymore, i have high expectations you will be able to fix it, but for now, i just don’t enjoy playing the game that have been my bread and butter for 13 years.


Its not about turning the servers “back on” EU has had a small population in the late stages of Gears. You just might not have enough people in your region to make it on EU servers

I had the same expirience 2 weeks ago. I found myself in Mexican only lobbies. So i think its a Server problem since gears 5 dropped.
Thats part of their strategie i think, lowcost support for gears 4 players to force them to play gears of Comic aka gears of double meele aka gears of trash

There are a lot of europeans playing gears 4, and they are put on US servers (not mexicans, they don’t have any servers there).
I totally agree with Training needed, they’ve just stopped the servers once Gears5 was out. Like their website doesn’t show the “stats” link neither. They want to push everybody to gears 5.

Additional to the American servers i cant choose any maps nomore. Its ridiculous :frowning:

I think i used to play you and Obi ( think thats right)
On gears 3 and 4, mostly 3 though.

They are using these EU servers on GOW 5 now. Nah just kidding, neither G5 has EU servers. They dissapeared. And I am here playing always with 120ping.

There are thousands of players playing this game in the UK alone. There’s no way there aren’t enough players in the whole of Europe to not put us on a dedicated server, they are just choosing not too.


That’s because they don’t care about you. They only care about your $$$$$$$. Not trying to be an a hole

I get 30 ish ping playing in Norway on Gears 5

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Maybe KOTH, TDM, Arcade and so on. But not in Execition or Escalation. I used to have 27-35 un GOW4. 40 worst worst matches. Now? 40 best case. Usually between 50-65 talking about EU servers. More than 110 in Exe and Esc which make the game literally unplayable.

Even when I play in EU servers, I am not connected to ideal datacenters. Matchmaking option shows me 30ping un east europe and 39 in north servers. But again, never seen less than +40.

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yep !

Anyone else strugglin to find games for Gears 4 KOTH? Takin so long that I’ve got time to jump on these forums and post while I wait…

Its a Sat afternoon ffs, where’s the player base disappeared to??

Anyone having luck finding matches in UK? looking for KOTH matches on GOW4 but it’s been 30+ min wait currently.