Tuning Split in G5

Will the Core/Comp split be returning? Because honestly I won’t buy it if it does.

TC have dug themselves a hole by enforcing this tuning split and even then can’t stick to a tuning setting. Core and Comp are both completely different then they were 6 months ago.

If G5 has this problem it will keep it difficult to jump back on the game after a month or two of absence.

Whoever thought of the tuning split in G4 needs to be fired.


it really does split the community. I won’t go near core because of how op the weapons are.


Thank you. I half expected to get flamed with hate by people who don’t think it’s a big deal.

I just wanna play guardian w/ Comp settings.
■■■■ escalation

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I agree 200% I have made a similar forum post please support it if you can

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I appreciate that.

If TC’s rationale is that “new players may need core settings to help learn”, then what was wrong w/ Gears 3’s method of giving new players permanent actives?

Just one of my questions.

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I just hope they find a happy medium between both. If it resembles core I’m not even touching 5’s versus lol


Yeah and also “new players” get destroyed in Core because experienced Gears players will just abuse and exploit the over powered weapons which defeats the original purpose of Core completely… it makes no sense


Why not the best of both worlds? Core gibbing range with competitive distance range. Gnasher delay should also be reverted.

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I feel like there has to be a happy medium somewhere. Neither tuning is perfect which means they need to come up with one tuning for all playlists.


i don’t even. understand how anyone plays comp tuning with 150+ping players in there.

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It’s been one of the biggest complaints about the game so I think they’d be fools to do it again.
I’m not even all that bothered by it but it’s the #1 thing I see people saying they want changed in Gears 5 besides loot related stuff.


I personally do not like the core/comp tuning and I hope whoever thought it was a good idea is working on ANY GAME as long as it is NOT Gears 5.

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i feel like gears 5 is gonna hit the sweet spot, a perfect mixture of core and competitive.

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Yea, there’s a couple of things I’m watching out for before I’ll buy gears 5… Split tuning NOT being in the game is one of them

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In my honest opinion I hope they don’t have 2 weapon tunings in gears 5. I just hated the whole idea and I just didn’t think it fit in with how gears is.

Honestly don’t understand the thought process behind it at all…core is supposedly for newcomers…so when they think the gnasher is god from a mile and finally delve into comp…what are they gonna think? My ■■■■ ain’t working? Why is it so hard? Why am I constantly outplayed? Eventually they either stay in core or stop all together…I get it new players need a way to happily learn the finer mechanics of the game but still the only true way would be just like those of us from 06 on gears 1 playing… ■■■■■■■ up and learn from it…stop babying the new players and let then crudely learn like we all had to…in my opinion it’s more fulfilling when u cross a good player from past learned mistakes…one tuning forever and always is how it should be…babies will never get good if they are coddled by easier tunings

I think I would enjoy Comp better if the playlists were better and the lagging was decreased. Besides 2v2, the comp playlists are really boring imo, and not near as intense as koth or tdm.
And then of course lag makes high ping warriors basically invincible

I normally play core mainly because of the game types, but i have played on both settings, and its hard to switch between both, i wish there was one tuning, if it was just the comp tuning or just the core tuning i would be fine with that