TU5 Full Patch notes are releasing today

Anyone else excited? I know the bulk of info has already been released, but there’s still a lot that could be in the official patch notes that wasn’t covered, especially QoL changes.

I’m hoping for some good UI changes to the Tour, character customization screens, improvements to the flow of Horde, etc.

What are you hoping for?


Waiting for achievement news…


Will there be any horde characters available in escape?

I would like to see fahz and maybe Kait playable

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No, not this Operation.

I’m not holding my hopes up for a “new” Horde only character to get to Escape. Not with no mentions of it whatsoever up to this point.

Interesting achievements and patch notes. I don’t know if they’ll include any Escape info, since there should be a new hive tomorrow.

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Not in this operation Launch*

Do you remember where this was written? I couldn’t find it when searching recently.

They wrote something like, they aren’t adding more characters to Escape until they see how balancing changes are in Op 3.

Maybe they forgot to release them.:roll_eyes:

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Kait, Jd and Fahz would be too powerful in eacape as they are, can you imagine how easy a master run of escape would be when a high level Kait grabed a gnasher or overkill…still see no reason why Del couldn’t be introduced?

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Anything on my list would be great.


Right, because Keegan isn’t already doing exactly that with 100% free explosive reloads with easily obtainable Resupply in venom.

No you misunderstood.

They never said either way, they might add JD or Kait ect in early may or whatever.

Basically, you can’t say we aren’t getting any this OP.

Thats one character!.. so a team of jd,kait and keegan would be so much harder now wouldn’t it…

Is there an ETA on the patch notes. Most of their daily posts woulda happened by now.

Well, technically Lahni also is rather powerful. Also just requires venom presence.

And I still fail to see how others using the powerful characters to “trivialize” the runs has anything to do with you or how it affects you. Just play without them? I can already easily carry other players through a hive pretty much single handedly as Lahni, even on Insane or Inconceivable. What difference does it make doing this as Kait, Keegan or any other powerful character?

You might want a Horde character added to Escape and so do I, but I read in one of the recent articles that they won’t be adding Horde character in Operation 3. So I’m expecting they won’t mention it at all, since they want to see how the gameplay is like with newer characters and new changes to cards. I find it strange and frustrating that I can’t find it anymore.

The idea of playing master is that it’s supposed to be “challenging” if you throw kait in the mix every noob and their dog will be completing runs. As a result Tc will nerf the hell out of escape, then you’ll be on here moaning about that in months to come?

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Aren’t people already doing that using the frag duplication glitch? That also lets “every noob and their dog” complete Master runs, in theory. Yet it’s still here and TC haven’t “nerfed” anything because of it either.

They need to sort it out, otherwise theres not much point in having a weekly ranking system with rewards. If people can “cheat/glitch” their way through a master run whats the point?