TU1 Bleed Damage Nerfed?

Since the October 1st update, it feels like bleed damage across all character skill cards for horde and escape seems to be less effective, and no longer matching the numbers in the levelled up skill cards.
Has anyone else noticed this, or am I wrong? I don’t have a solid before/after video comparison.
Alternatively, was the strength of enemy health regeneration on Inconceivable/Master changed in the update?
Penny for your thoughts.

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They stealth nerfed the bleed cards. This is normal for TC. There was a case with the infamous “30%” nerf to the salvos

12% nerf to the Salvo… supposedly. They cut its damage in half, more like.

And what the f… was wrong with bleed damage? Were our handheld weapons too effective despite not actually being so? Slap me silly but Master on certain Escape hives was already difficult enough. So why does our damage need to be reduced in face of enemies with ridiculous health pools?


No disrespect to TC.But we have only been playing just under 1 month.and now we have a bug in the stars.when the patch we downloaded only yesterday,


No, no, it’s our fault, we misunderstood the 12%… what they meant and what they did was to reduce the Salvo to 12% of its original power…

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Hah, I never even thought of that.

Mac’s bloody shot was the only way to get through the higher difficulties. Here’s to waiting another 3.5 weeks for it to be fixed

Played a few Horde matches as Kait today, can’t say I noticed a drop in damage being done by her bleed related cards.

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Did the surge on masters with mac and completed. It takes a good keegan hitting those resupplys to feed him that ammo. It’s not the same, his bleed was fine and definetly took some of the stress off master runs. Blah


me neither

Keegan with grenade pouch and shredder is what you want on the surge.

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I don’t know if they adjusted bleed dmg cause I was mostly an engineer or jack on horde. I just got Kait and JDs bleed cards so I haven’t had time to mess around with them before the patch. It’s actually quite common for devs to release changes they don’t mention for fear of the communities reaction. I know one particular game that will remain nameless but you probably know what I’m talking about >.> This game is known for sending out shadow nerfs during patches to test the waters. If the people are outraged they say it’s a bug and avoid any blame. If it goes unnoticed or not that big a deal it goes from a bug to “working as intended”

I don’t know how big of a difference it will make to Horde. But for Escape, I know it is going to be a sucker for sure. Mac’s bleeding damage on Master was/is kind of needed with how limited your ammo already is and the sponge enemies. And they’re going and lowering not only his bleed damage but also bonus given by Adrenaline Junkie when in venom? That’s going to make a difference, and not a small one at that. I guess I can forget completing The Descent on Master until they get to their senses and make that hive less unbalanced and/or let our damage potential stay as it was before this update.

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You need some people who understand that first lol. I agree completely. The grenade bleed helps alot in that right push at the end with the scions.

Yeah hard to come by decent Keegans. I think folks are slowly waking up to how useful he is aside from his ultimate. Far too many lahnis, macs, and emiles I run into unnecessarily mark stuff, which shows how oblivious most people are to his basic abilities.

His ultimate recharge card for the team can be useful too


Eagle eye and shredder. Wanna hit at least 3 resupplys a game. Grenade pouch doesnt hurt either.

I would say in some ways Keegan can put up the most damage at crucial choke point and pushes.

@Non_Photo_BIue was good to play with you in a public btw man, good nades and salvo finish. Gg

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Haha it’s funny how long it took me to realize you were on my team. I just looked at the levels in the lobby and was like “Lahni is OK, guess Mac will have to do”. Anyway after the realization I knew we’d be OK. I remember running into you in GOW4 versus and you weren’t too fun to deal with.

Not that every versus skill carries over into escape, but I think some do. Anyway GG

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People change as much as they want to. Good to be on the field with yah. If I was ever rude or ignorant to you in the past I apologize. I dont play versus in 5 btw. Not very good at it and just not for me anymore. Horde…ehhh once in a blue moon. JD and Kait are alright.

I was quite happy when you said let’s fight in this one. People run through that map like crazy and count it as huge wins. I guess that’s ok for some. I’ve noticed I get way better cards in it when I seal the gate after a good fight in the hives. You also become better at it, actually playing it. I like escape because 3 players can do some big battles with little ammo, you really have to pay attention to how the map is designed and what’s in it. In some ways it reminds me of old gears with that sense or urgency and odds stacked against the cog.

I saw a video on here for a master run on it where they just ran, that’s cool, but I like my guns in gears of war games. The one we did and completed on masters, we fought, and everyone was a big part of the end and made it to the raven. Those are the games I really enjoy in escape. Living on the razor’s edge batteling it out in the venom.

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For surge all you need to do is run tru, no need to fight, only 2 pouncers and some juvies at the end. Even works on Master.

It is an unreliable strategy because it relies on enemies spawning correctly for you to be able to run past them using Flashbangs if necessary. Fighting the enemies with Keegan frags if he has Shredder on is basically a guaranteed win(especially if people are doing the frag duplication glitch to have an infinite number of them… ugh). Keep most or all for the second Act to drop the Drone Elites and Hunters quickly as well as the two Salvo Scions. Then let Keegan get the Salvos to unleash some more carnage.

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