Trying to unlock the Psychic Execution?

Does anyone know if this event is still active? Also what modes do “TC” play usually in PvE?

There’s no time limit. From what I understand, the TC crew involved play a mixture across public matchmaking and private lobbies. I’m not sure how much of a mix they play between PVP and PVE, but I expect some of them, like us, have preferences so some might prefer PVE over PVP. It doesn’t make it easy unfortunately.

Sometimes they update their individual Twitter feed with times they are on and what they may be playing, but not always. This is basically done on their own personal leisure time, so there’s no obligation obviously.

For PVE best to add @TC_Sera and/or keep an eye out on her twitter where she will sometimes post if she is going to play a few lobbies

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Yep, and with TC Shauny on leave at the moment, the other devs are mostly PST timezone to bear in mind.

They can sometimes sneak in a game during working hours (9-5 like most), or in their free time after work and weekends. Convert to your timezone and you may need to stay up late/get up early and be on the lookout on Twitter.

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I try to scatter when I play on weekends to give different timezones a chance, but I am also limited by the time I have to play.


Good to know, thanks!


I added you, seriously hoping we can get in a game together. :wink:

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