Trying to get myself back into multiplayer. any tips

i have been extremely hesitant to jump back into the deep end until today. i played 2 games of koth, and won both. but winning made me want to continue but i also did not want to. i feared my speratic game skill would falter and id get upset. i know to get better i have to play, but i have had a real hard time figuring out how to play this game like the last one. (FYI i know different games are meant to feel different). anyone have some pointers on improving ones skill for this game?

Just put the time into it. It’s a difficult learning curve, it’s not meant to be easy so just don’t beat yourself up about it if you’re not doing the best. No one has hopped on the game and was a beast or anything. All about practice.

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I’m not sure where you are skill wise but here’s my advice coming from someone who’s only been playing gears for 6 months.

Watch some gears 4 tutorials on YouTube, watch some gameplay videos by some of the streamers/content creators (shadowz is pretty decent) to get an idea of strategies and techniques. Dutchylive also has some awesome KOTH tutorials he’s recently posted.

But yes, playing is the only thing that’s going to help. My advice is just play and forget your pride. Make mistakes and learn from them. Die a lot. You’ll get better eventually as long as you’re actively trying to improve and asking yourself what happened and how could it have gone better.

Learn to predict your opponent
Learn to fill in the gaps of your team
Mark enemies and use tac com constantly
Find new angles on your opponents in KOTH
Be unpredictable


Play competitive, exe and esc are modes used in tournys. Also id check some youtube vids out. Put the time in and youll be set

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Land your shots!!

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