Trying to get masters in 2v2 masters looking for a partner

Im currently diamond 1 just playing with randoms and highest ive been is diamond 2. Just looking for someone decent to grind with and hit masters for the skins. My tag is Entwined Roses. I’m not a mechanical god at all but im pretty decent and play for damage :smiley: Also if someone could explain how ranked rewards work. I got the diamond lancer GL this week so is next week a new weapon skin or the lancer GL again? Anyway thanks again.

Typically ranked rewards are given out after the end of the Operation. Not sure why people are getting ranked skins unless I missed an announcement.

I Gotcha I didn’t know how it worked. I haven’t got to play much till lately so I’m way out of the loop.

I got bronze and silver freedom gl skins today as ranked rewards. I have been up to gold 1 teir but have not gotten a gold skin for any week this operation. I have gotten a reward every week scince the beginning of OP 3 but it appears to be broken because it goes by your current rank in each game mode not your highest rank achieved in each game mode.

I did not play for the first six months because I was giving them six months to get the majority of the bugs worked out so this might be something new to OP 3. Where the first 2 seasons rewards awarded after the end of each operation? Where they rewards for your highest rank or your current rank?

I just got the GL skins too (missing the gold skin though) so it looks like they changed when they release ranked rewards. Neat. I hope this is a permanent change.

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I’m masters and can help. Send message. Trying to grow my twitch channel too.

Good luck getting masters with the current ranking system.

I was diamond 3 and was sent back to onyx 3 after losing just 2 matches. I’m back to diamond 2 but now I dont get any + points anymore. Just had a match with 7-3 win, 13-3 K/D and got 0 points from that match :clown_face: