Truth behind gnasher

Its annoyin hearing ppl complain about this… Get good at the game the reason you think its broken is cause you suck. An straight line … Op2 shotgun sucked for that simple reason the poke damage was … Ridiculous an all ppl did was straight line an eat the first shot …
Fyi it will never be “fixed” because not everybody agrees when its “fixed”

The problem is tht shots are not registering at all.
The insane hip fire gib range literally works when it wants to.
Pop shotting is NOT POP SHOTTING anymore.
Its left trigger , move right stick then shoot
When u have a shot lined up for a pop shot. It isnt lined up exactly how it was proior to hitting left trigger.
Pop shotting over cover is insanely slow af now.


Just curious What youre ping. Is? An are you playin wired or wifi cause im literally not havin that problem in fact theres games im going off way more with this shotgun than last OP… Op3 Trading shots more again when the enemies should die… we both die now… Op2 was one sided i barely used it cause it didn’t work for me shots were not registering at all high ping players running around like bots and sponging i shouldnt h be playin with ppl in europe an mexico when im on east servers. Period… in fact i quit the game because of it an yes i was a D3… But ranked is another broken story …Thats why im sayin gnasher will never be truly fixed… For one person it’s broken for another its working

Cute thread. 10/10.


Seriously, this.

They lowered the Up A speed boost, only to then increase the Gnasher’s gib range which totally negates the first change. Like what the ■■■■? I’m now getting blasted away in one shot across entire stretches of cover — AGAIN. And do I even have to mention the ■■■■■■■ bot walkers? The dudes who are getting gibs from 15ft away?

It seems like TC is intentionally making the game easier for all these new players jumping on for OP3 and Free to play week. Effectively ruining all the changes they’ve made since launch in an attempt to keep these players playing, which they won’t. All they’re doing is pissing off the dumb dumbs like me who still play this game on a daily basis


Na you know whats really annoying…Having to relearn the weapon after EVERY update. TC needs to stick with 1 tuning not change the weapon with each update.

Also instead of constantly making changing they need to fix the hit registration


The game isn’t any easier; just worse.


This is the opposite of reality. In Op2, if someone was straight-lining you, you could easily hit them with poke damage, back off a bit, and then down them with shot two. Now that poke damage is nerfed and gib-range is a mile, your first shot does nothing and the other player just runs up and chunks you every time.


Wrong. That fake news. You are a liar.

The truth is…the gib range seems large because it is, but it is exacerbated by lag and not rlly knowing how close the enemy actually is. In any case the gib range needs to be changed ASAP.

Yeah I just have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t have thumbs either. What’s this game called?

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Its definitely not my ping.
Before the update. I was literally 2 to 6 ms ping. Now im around 20 to 34 ms.
Im wired with a 3 foot ethernet cable to my xbox one x.
I live less than 100 miles from the east coast server. And ethernet is the only thing connected to my modem. Aside from maybe 2 tablets tht are wireless but those arnt on all the time.

I have well over 300 download speed

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Your posts are so lols



This tuning makes all players look stopid. Even the best players get dropped like noobs. They get stuck in walls they miss the easiest shots they miss judge moves. Its not even funny.

Why is that?

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What’s your rank and how long have you been playing gears?


Cuz ya at a disadvantage by letting go of the left stick to slide, loosing precise camera control during the whole operation

Noob :yum:

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I just learned the new gnasher. And it probably will change. I do think the hip fire was made less accurate when moving fast.

The issue is the Gnasher is the most inconsistent it’s ever been. It was perfect with the February 11th update but that only lasted for a week. After that, it’s been a downward spiral with OP3 being the worst of it.

I don’t suck. I easily hit Masters rank in Guardian and KotH when I play them. The Gnasher is broken and doesn’t work half the time. Point blanks do 18% damage with full hit markers yet the enemy is one shotting you from range in the same match. That’s with the game reading my ping anywhere between 1ms-20ms. I should not experience these inconsistency issues on a connection that’s rated Top 1% in the USA.