Trouble Marking enemies

I’m having issues marking enimies, I’ve messed with my settings, changed marks, characters weapon skins, yes I know has nothing to do with marking but I thought it was a glitch. This has been happening since operation 2 if anyone has answers please help

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Have you checked Control Remapping in the Options page? Sometimes people accidentally remap actions away from the original button.

It’s happening to a lot of people. Was just playing my friend and he couldn’t mark and he has default settings.

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Is this in general or just in Guardian with the leader ability? I didn’t notice a problem marking like usual (will test it now), but I had a very hard time marking targets while using the new leader ability. It’s like I had to have my reticle exactly on the enemy’s center mass for it to work and even then it was iffy at best.

We were playing ranked KOTH and he could not mark any enemies. We had just been playing escape and he could mark.

Thought it was just me… somethings definitely up with marking. I usually mark all the time yet now I can’t mark a single enemy. I havent remapped anything… got me thinking my controllers not working


Friend has that issue with marking or wall squating. His brother used his account to reset the controls to default and it still doesn’t work for either of them.

Both me and a friend have has this issues since operation 2. We have not been able to mark enemies ever since ,It has nothing to do with settnngs since we have tried remapping it with not success.

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This is for all game modes, my friend and my brother we all play together and they’ve both played on my account and cant figure it out lol

So this seems like a general bug that needs attention then. I’ve used the default controller scheme from day one and even I’ve been having issues. Hopefully, TC will see this.

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