Trolls trolls trolls

I’ve been playing some versus and i run into team of trolls. All of my teamages were just sitting in spawn and jumping/shooting at themselves/t-bagging themselves, sometimes they walked out from spawn and were trying to kill enemy team with shotguns from another side of map. At first i though “maybe those are new players?” but they were 2 onyx 3 and 2 onyx 2. We lost 0-2(tdm btw) and my question is: why the hell some people are trying to ruin matches for another players?

Welcome to Gears.
You see this a lot in the lower ranks but I’ve had it with upper onyx players as recently as last week. Seems extremely popular with players south of the US border. I think they may be boosting rank for friends sometimes.


I got into a few games like that about a week ago.

In one particular match my friend and I were the only 2 people playing the game. 3 on our team and the 5 on the other were just sitting in the same spawn on Checkout wall bouncing around, shooting into the air and tea bagging each other.

Friend and I just capped the rings to end the game as quickly as possible. (KOTH)