Trishot has been nerfed into the ground, hasnt it?

Few night ago i played as Lizzy, i got a trishot, and i was shocked…

I knew they reduced the damage, but now it overheats faster, and takes longer to cool down too, it seems…

So much for at least having one weapon which was mostly effective in anyone’s hands…

I honestly switched to using thr mulcher that game… Not as much damage but you czn shoot it for a long time, and quick to cool down, and more ammo.

Also when playing clayton the chain gun ammo reload is slower on the trishot than mulcher too, i think…

More stealth nerfs, i feel… Whoo hoo, yeah, baby!

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We still got the Longshot. God help us if they nerf the LS as well.

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They’ve nerfed everything else…

RIP Torque Bow, Salvo, Dropshot


I find it odd that they mostly nerf their own babies.

Embar, salvo, dropshot, trishot…


Nerf the weapons

Buff the classes

Nerf the classes

Nerf the enemies

Whats next??


I just played it 2 nights ago nothing feels nerfed to me. YET

Buff the enemies.

I have a strong suspicion they will buff an enemy in Op5.

Just speculation though.

As far as buffing enemies goes:
It looks like they have performance limitations with just adding more enemies which is too bad because bullet sponges and non-stop getting one hit by elite drones across the map can be frustrating.
People feel like they need more power if they get bored shooting the same guy for a couple of seconds so I hope that buffed enemies doesn’t equate to bullet sponges.
Maybe in master everything elite and higher can spawn near known nerf mongers and instant kill everything that they shoot at :laughing:

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Unless you have cards/perks that buff Heavy Weapons, they’re not really worth it to keep around. Some people really like spamming a Salvo with Keegan, though (lvl 6) Speed Reloader + Boomshot is much better in every way (mobility, damage, less screen shaking etc.). Clayton can use a Mulcher, some use Trishots. However I’ve never seen any Clayton do good damage with a Trishot and I mostly consider them a wasted character pick if not playing Cryo/Mulcher/Salvo.

Trishot is basically a Buzzkill now, the difference being that a Buzzkill might actually do more damage with the downside of slower projectiles.

Yeah the trishot is weak now atleast lizzie got a even stronger Replacement with the Hammer Card. For some of the other characters its a pain in the a…

Seriously sick to death of seeing “nerf”, “nerfed” or “nerfing”.


trishot still better than 99% auto weapon in the game, and kill dbno far away. Laser accuracy without the need of cover.

Mulcher? Try to use it without on cover and accuracy is so bad. Cant deal dbno over ranges.

Salvo isnt bad too, it can hits drone direct behind cover , unlike boomshot it cant hit enemy behind long covers.

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For me, trishot is useless. I barely kill anybody with it, but if somebody shooting at me I get turned into hamburger in a split second. Much like the frag‘s, I have to throw it at their feet for it to work, but if they throw it at me it could be 100 yards away and I still get turned into a puddle of goo.

Long Live Guardian!!!


I remember the old forums let you have a signature under each posting.

Now you have to type it each time.


Can you guys stop overexaggerating already?

Yup. Those were the days. Still hopeful of their return!!

Long Live Guardian!!!

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Juvies will get wings in OP5 :joy:


Don’t even say that. I fear master horde juvies more than a Kestrel/Sentinel boss wave. If I go down to a juvie, I don’t even bother crawling.

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juvies were human children converted into Swarm I believe, they just want love :joy_cat:

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Wait they were children? I thought the juvies were just drones in the early stages of development?
Either way, I will give them no love unless you call point blanking them and gibbing myself with a boom shot to save the team when they get into the base a show of love.