Trinity Vrol = Kantus(VA)?

Just unlocked him and decided to mess about in Private Versus Torque bow Tag. All his quotes e.g. Active reload, Headshot etc are Kantus voicelines for some reason.

Well, Ketor Vrol is a Kantus. However, his voicelines are not meant to be that of the other Kantus in the game.
Much like the Hoffman skin that had Marcus lines, this was was not intentionally done.

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Does TC know of the bug then? I just don’t understand how it can happen multiple times.

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Not again…


It’s not even dubbed in Italian :frowning:


Well, at least it’s something haha

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Sent this post over, will see what we can do!


What about the Italian version? Is it really not dubbed?

Then its not dubbed for any other language then. My game is in spanish and all his lines are in english.

Outside of promo characters and real people chars, Vrol is the only gears character that its not dubbed.

That’s really disappointing…

I know right? smh :man_facepalming:

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Coalition fix trinity vrol he sound like kantus please and thank u can I please get trinity skorge

Can you please fix the Theron’s necks too? :pleading_face::pray:

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I find it funny that these lines are skin based and not just tied to the character? It’s probably done so each character can have wildly different models, but coding for this game must be a nightmare…
I also was MVP in a match the other day and my Fahz didn’t say hi, but it was a Locust/Swarm growl…hilarious.

“Can I please get trinity skorge” lmfao yeah just play competitive and get top 100

I am top hundred right now

but before I didn’t get it because I didn’t know about trinity skorge challenge

Seconded. Fix the Flame Grenadier and Jinn-Bot, too.


That doesn’t mean anything you need to be top 100 at the end of the OP