Trinity skorge best skin and hard to unlock

Trinity skorge is one of the nicest skins I have seen in a long time. Instead of that kind of skin for the weekly store or even a tour reward why is this skin buried behind a hard task like be in the top 100 players. When this will be unlocked by kids who have time to play all day and not those with jobs and kids. I think this skin should be available to unlock in a event everyone can get behind. You can’t save the nicest skins for tasks like this. And if not I hope it’s available in the store later on.


They just seem to want to keep as many people playing as much as possible. They don’t really care who.


it’s meant to reward the players who have less responsibilities than others, leaderboards don’t reflect true skill

the BS Locust that we have top the Skorge imo, never played as Skorge in any game


There’s no way this version of skorge will actually be that good.

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And why’s that?

Because I could go hike across the spine of Africa for the next 6 weeks, come back and still comfortably be in the top 100 at the end of the season. Nothing I’m assured to get will ever be good. It’ll be a fat/boring skorge and SK/REV-9 will still be better than it.

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This remember of Psychic execution too. Even when I tried to find TC employees, I never found them because most of them were playing at US timezones.

This is the same, people who will try but they couldn’t do it because of life, work, family and so on. I’m not interested on PvP skins, but I feel bad for the people who is really good to hit masters but don’t have the time for playing everyday.

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Since when was Skorge ever fat? They guy has always been on the skinny side.

Lizard stripper

While I don’t disagree…

…calling a swathe of players “kids” to try and seem above them is an immediate downgrade to your argument. Bad rhetoric.


Or adults with too much time on their hands. Same difference if you ask me.


Op could 50 years+ so everyone is probs a “kid” to them.

I mean, I’m older than probably a lot of people here. I’m older than most of my “gamer” friends at least.

I’m not talking about age, I’m talking about rhetoric. The easiest way to get someone upset when talking about a topic like this is to call them “kid” or “bud” or some other intentionally belittling title. That’s all I was pointing out.

But it’s true that anyone who can’t dedicate all their free time to specifically playing Gears 5-- and also happen to be extremely good at PvP-- has no chance to get this skin. That’s a legitimate complaint. TC has to walk a delicate balance where they reward their most ardent, hardcore players, but don’t leave others who play the game less obsessively feeling left out. I don’t envy them.


Tc cant figure out how to reward people full stop, reup rewards are total trash even after they nerfed the xp.

Escape rewards got removed because people were complaining they couldnt get them and now we have these leaderboard rewards that upset more people.

Tour general rewards that pve players cant use in horde/escape.

Lets not forget the supply drop idea either.

As many people have said before gears 3 did it best.

Also @Piyi_Piyi feel bad for u not getting the execution for playing with a tc employee, i think ive only ever seen 1 other player using this.


I’ll give you a couple reasons:

  1. This is what you’re complaining about? Who cares?? Just play the game.

  2. If you play the game for 17 hours per day you should easily be able to get this.

  3. Skins like these aren’t for everyone.

  4. Git Gud

  5. Stop asking for a handout

OP, in case my sarcasm is going a bit too far, I completely agree with you on this. These are just the types of responses seen so often in threads for the horribly grindy PvP achievements.

This is why i wish they did community challenges.

Everyone can get everything at “their own pace” without anything too strenuous in terms of play time…and the no lifers actually help the small time players achieve the community unlocks.

Community goal - 10 million versus kills in a month as a community. (Dont ask me if that is a good number, devs have those stats and could utilize them).

Individual Progress
Unlock 1 (Banner) - Participate. Earn a single kill in versus in the month.

Unlock 2 (Bloodspray) - Achieve 500 kills in versus in the month.

Unlock 3 (Mark) - Earn at least 1 kill 14 days of the month.

Community Progress
Unlock 1 (Weapon Skins) - Earn 1 Million versus kills as a community in the month.

Unlock 2 (Execution) - Earn 5 million versus kills as a community in the month.

Unlock 3 (Character Skin) - Earn 10 million versus kills as a community in the month.

Complete All 6
Bonus Unlock (Emote) - Complete all 6 challenges.

As long as you play half the month, and achieve a total of 500 kills, less than 20 a day, in the month…you basically will get everything.


Really good idea

Mass Effect 3 had weekend community challenges for a full year and they were the best.

Always had a community goal (X amount of waves on this map, or Y amount of Banshees killed, etc.) and an individual goal with two different rewards. It kept the community energized for new stuff to do every weekend.


Man I really miss the multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 and I’m sad to not see it return in the Mass Effect trilogy collection even though they stated they would bring it back if there was enough demand for it.

It takes true skill to enjoy this game to the point of reaching the top 100.