Triggers left option glitch

Hello, and my first time posting here, As you can see in the controller trigger left option is having problems, when I hold the LB button I can’t use the Lancer Chainsaw, Lancer Grenade Launcher or the Retro Lancer charge, Can somebody knows what going on or if there is a glitch out there and is going to be fixed and it happening with Operation 3 previously it did have this problem.
Thanks in advance

LB is tac com and you cant chainsaw or retro charge or use the freedom lancer aka lancer GL

When you change on left handed trigger option the lb tac com changes to the the rb and lb to the reload button and using the chainsaw.

Ok, when it happens are you reloading the gun

Hold RB.

Never mind. Left handed.

yup when I’m holding LB does not do a thing instead it reloads the gun