Trick with Kat's Ult

If anyone remember some of my comments when the game first launched, you might remember me ranting about how much I like to use Kat. Yes she is the weakest of the engineers because she has half as many perks as the other 2. That much is obvious. This may already be known but seeing as Kat is a DLC char there isn’t much topics on her. I discovered a nice little trick using her hologram with some perks.

Anyway I decided to mess around and do a masters run as Kat. It was blood drive with a JD, Fahz, Marcus and Clayton. No one kicked me because I was the only engineer that joined. I was running hologram duration and hologram extend(snub pistol hits from behind enemies distracted by the hologram increase ults duration) Like many perks, it doesn’t quite operate as it says on the card. How it actually works is once your hologram is sent out, pretty much anything you shoot, from any direction, with ANY weapon, will increase your ults duration. Think like rifle feedback for Marcus only you actually have to aim, reload and stuff. The effect also compiles. Meaning if you fill up the ults duration to max and keep shooting it will overlap. Giving you even more time. Just like how Marcus keeps his ult for 3 waves. At first I thought my ult was bugged because the meter was full and it was not dropping for like a full minute. That’s how long the hologram was on the field.

I only have hologram extend at lvl 2 and my hologram duration perk is lvl 5. By tossing out the hologram and spamming bullets on something large you can keep it out for a long time. On boss fights I managed to keep it out until the wave ended. I find when you first send it out it’s best to find a big target and use an overkill. I think it may count for each individual pellet that connects to a target because the ult bar fills faster with it over other guns. Sadly the hologram doesn’t seem to attract the attention of bosses or else it would be OP.

Back to blood drive. One boss wave we had a Carrier and another boss wave we had a Swarmak. Both times I had a claw and an overkill. When the boss got just past the middle area I sent out the hologram. My hologram ran past the boss and got behind him. Then I peppered him with the overkill. Being such a big target I got my ult over flowed pretty quick. Then when I ran out I switched to my other weapon. Even during the claws long reload animation my ult never dropped below full. The whole match most mobs were busy attacking the hologram instead of us. While we focused on the boss. The only things that attacked us were those who weren’t near the hologram. For the most part we had the boss all to ourselves until it was dead. Then we could focus on everything else.

The hologram extend perk was added a long time ago so Kat could have “something” to use during escape. This perk has been around for awhile but I never knew just how good it was. IMO her ult is the best out of the 3 engineers though her perks are the worst >< I just figured id post this encase anyone else was unaware of this trick.


So you’ve been kicked before as Kat?

If a match starts I’ve yet to see anyone kick the only engineer. Unless said engineer pisses away energy. If I join a lobby that hasn’t started I’m often asked to switch to Baird or Del. If I refuse THEN I get kicked :stuck_out_tongue:


In use that same smart ■■■ grin as my discord picture >.>

I can’t stand Kat but y’all Kat mains have it rough

She needs some additional perks for sure otherwise she is pretty much obsolete to use in PVE

I’ll have to give this a go because this could actually make her sorta useful for quicker master runs. You won’t need many defenses since they will all be distracted by the hologram and die before they turn attention to you and bosses shouldn’t be a problem since all the power can be going towards lockers, minimal barriers and perks. I just hope they don’t patch it.

Hoooooleee s***t, Kat is now one of my favorite characters. So I tried what you suggested with the following:

  • Elite on Blood Drive, mediocre teammates.
  • The following card setup (lvl 16):
    – Repair Efficiency
    – Top of the Line
    – Hologram Lifetime
    – Hologram Extend
    – Halo

So firstly, OP is absolutely correct – you can extend the hologram significantly without the snub. I noticed over the match that different weapons seemed to be more beneficial than others. While going through all 50 waves, I got curious and tried out different weapons as I was hitting my ult every wave.

I believe the extend is aligned with the amount of DPS you’re doing. Rapid firing, high damage output weapons kept the hologram going the entire wave – with the amazing taunt effect as described by OP. Here are the best that I was able to test out:

  1. Trishot – holy God this thing maxed out the ult counter and I have no idea how far. Multiple cycles / never saw it go down from maxed out. Important to note: the Trishot (not just in Kat’s case) is FAR more effective when you treat it like a semi-auto gun. Fire off 1 - 3 shots aiming at the head. The accuracy is sick, and you’ll be exploding heads on high difficulty levels. Do the opposite, and it overheats, accuracy and DPS turn to crap very quickly. This was the most effective and easily took out 50% of the enemies at any given time when hologram was sent down a clear path (didn’t get stuck on a wall or something).

  2. Salvo – explosive damage works as well! …Very well, in fact.

  3. Boomshot – same reason as salvo but low ammo. I would build lvl 2 barriers to funnel enemies into groups, pop the ultimate, then boomshot / gib a group. Hologram lasted the entire wave.

All other weapons were either too slow (torque bow, precision weapons) or required me to be in the face of a large enemy (overkill, enforcer, etc.).

Try this, it’s way fun.

Other notes:

  • Make sure the hologram has a clear path to walk (ideally, from your base to the enemy spawn points).
  • Try to pop the ultimate at the beginning of waves a few seconds in (once there are a few enemies in clear sight).
  • Take advantage of heavy weapons on weapons lockers.

Hope this helps - Kat went from marginal to awesome when I did this.

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She was below marginal, Be fair.

I played with a Kat earlier and I swear I really don’t know how they keep getting to level 18 when they play like they’re cut off from the brain.

Literally only have my Kat at level 6. I’m hoping that one day TC will give her a big buff, and she’ll actually be useable in horde, so I’ll level her up then.

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I used her first when gears 5 came out. By the time I learned of Dels perks, my Kat was already like 14. So I stuck with her. She is totally usable in horde. I’ve done master runs with her when the game came out. Still do sometimes. Her perks don’t compare to Del and Baird but I love that hologram. When I’m trying to dmg things I pretty much have to depend on the trishot.

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Kat’s ult is the only thing I feel like she has going for her. And the other two engineers are leaps and bounds better. But props to you for making her work so well for you lol.

Sadly that is true. Id like her and the rest of the dlc chars to get some love when they separate chars from classes. Being licensed characters though, I don’t expect much. It just feels like they were thrown in here without any thought of viability at higher difficulties.

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