Trash servers (aus)

I have just paid $119 for this game without even looking into how it is because Gears 1, 2 and 3 we’re some of my most favourite games at a time, super disappointing to load up Gears 5 with excitement only to find out you can’t even get a game with less than 150 ping like what a joke, and only to find out its been an existing problem. Why hasn’t it been fixed? Ridiculous price to pay for a broken game.

You can set Lower Ping as a preferred option in the settings menu and see if that helps.

By default it’s set to Faster Matchmaking which might result in higher pings.

Just know that AUS is not a popular region for Gears, I’m starting to even struggle in EU now, what with being on PC.

Yep I am having the same problem ,lagging frustrating.keep getting lost connection error.

Is tht a new option?? Wasnt there before

Yes it is,

Since OP3.

Got added in.

Since found that option thanks! although some times can wait up to 15 minutes for a game unfortunately.
bit of a shame but better than nothing I suppose.

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Happens every game just happen now. Sh**T’s me.