Trash game lag play (is that 15 characters?)

That’s it.

I’ve played since 06 and I just can’t anymore… The crappier players connections are the more they like the game.

Titanfall 1 multi played better lag wise…


I see that meme is still going strong. Even though the person who originally came up with it(on this forum page) has been banned.

Literally the only ban I would ever support and I don’t even know who you’re talking about.

Then you are not worthy.

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TF is awesome and as for lag issues or not, get your behind to Gears 3. Us Gears 3 diehards have THE best Gears experience of any Gearhead :+1::wink::ok_hand:

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'06 vet! We got an '06 vet here!!!

See? Nobody cares

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Have to say last week or so has been awful with lag, and packet loss symbol. Played a match on Nexus (actually this map seems to have issues a lot) yesterday and apart from rubberbanding all over the place and everyone sponging badly, I was holding my guns all one handed!

This last week has been as bad as I can remember. I have even been disconnected twice…had to play social as a punishment :joy:

Just posted a clip where I get a TeamWipe…holding Boom and Gnasher one handed :grin::joy:

Lag is still unplayable, WTF is going on ?

What lag?