Transfer of cards from gears 4 to gears 5

one card of characterer, one skin and one emblem

Would have to be 2 characters, 1 for COG and 1 for swarm.

Lootboxes weren’t introduced till GoWj tho

Which was developed in-part by the folks behind the previous games, but what do loot boxes have to do with it? Why does it matter whether a game was or wasn’t made by the same developer?

I think what he means is gears 1 2 n3 don’t really count for this argument because they were made by different ppl to gears4 so what ever epic chose to carry over or not is completely irrelevant to what may be carried over from 4 as it’s a different team, they may totally choose to do something different, that and there were no microtransactions so there would never have been a major demand to bring anything over. Game unlocks were game unlocks back then, ppl totally expected to have to unlock everything again, nay WANTED too (still do TC :wink: still do) so what happened in the past does not define the future by any means. So it matters that it’s a different developer when you say previous games in the series did something one way, as to the other way, which may happen now simply BECAUSE different ppl do different things. I’d say he has a point BUT still agree it won’t happen as clearly layed out in my initial post on this thread :wink:

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they wont carry over and this is reason #423 to not buy MTX with real money.

We warned them.

“Don’t!” we cried.

“Stop!” we yelled.

“You’ll regret it.” we said.

We were ignored.

They didn’t listen.

But we were right, and now they have to learn their lesson the hard way.


I didn’t buy ■■■■ in the game. But grinding creds for Uzil was a pain. God knows if he’s even coming back in 5

In that case, good on ya, friend. You’re not feeding the machine. :beers:

However, it is likely that TC will carry on the reality that EPIC and other developers helped found. And believe me, it’s especially disappointing when much of it is content that was at one point free that is now stuck behind a paywall.

Is this totally lame? Absolutely. Is this unusual? No.

I would simply love to see them getting rid of that card/box/micro transaction systeam and focus on quality, additional content people like to buy.

Supporting this ■■■■■■■■ just leads to more of that ■■■■■■■■!

Thing is yes you spent money however. The way the company is going they want money, they don’t care about their fans so much to give you last games items again. I see your point BUT they want to make money and whats a better way than taking away your old items and offering new ones for additional money.

Some players “need” content to transfer as they racked up parents credit cards and got in deep. Parents took the card off the Xbox account and said “no more!”. Now they have no money to buy the next batch. Good lulz for me.


Actually no, EA started this ■■■■ overall. They should be ones burned to the ground and burried deep in the Sahara desert.

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Fat chance. Though anything is possible. I remember EA let you transfer all of your PvZ GW1 unlocks to its sequel which was a great gesture. So I guess I wouldn’t rule it out. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Sod the esports packs the game aint about the pros it,s about us the gamers,and is down to the sponsors to fork out for the pros winings nt us

I doubt it man, most people who dropped a decent chunk of $$ probally regretted it and wont buy G5 skins. But with game pass on launch, a lot of new players might. Im hoping they make the pack system more fair when it comes to $$ packs. Like a guarantee of no dupes etc…

I think it’s be best for TC to scrap the card system. People have complained about it since day 1. Yes, it was too late then to scrap it, (ha) but they made the most and have tried to make it fair (even though it’s not that fair).

The best thing TC could do for Gears 5 is ignore the card nonsense. I know it’s profitable, but in the short-term. If they made a good game and kept the old unlocking through leveling system, they’d make more money in the long run.

For a great example, look at the Witcher 3. An excellent, well-crafted game. Still #1 on the Xbox store. You know why? It has excellent storytelling. The gameplay isn’t revolutionary, but it’s unique. It has no dumb microtransactions, or whatever. And fans continue to play it/new fans continue to buy it almost 3 YEARS later. Gears 4 is only two years old and gets nothing but hate and lot’s of people have lost hope in Gears 5 because of it.

The card system gets them a lot of money in the short term, yes. But a good, solid game will make them a sh!tload of money in the future, as it just makes more and more people enjoy the game, and gives them one less reason to not play it.