Transfer of cards from gears 4 to gears 5

As a designer I feel like they should have a dedicated team that works on new weapon skins once and a while. Too much criticism will come I feel they put in the same skins. I’m sure they’ll bring some over but I’m also certain there will be plenty of new ones

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at least their not as bad as turn10studios who run the forza franchise,they bring out a new horizon and forza every year,now that’s money grabbing for me…

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Let us transfer any 3 cards we want. A fair deal. This way less ppl will be pissed and they will still keep buying.


LOL, no cards will be transferred. I saw the same cries for transference with Destiny 1 and 2. Plainly put… it. will. not. happen.

not 1 card.

Well, I will probably not transition then. Knowing what sort of dirty tactics they doing, and how they ripped us off on the season pass…yeah, no way I’m spending money then

Ha haa,Haa Haaa, ahaaha ha ha Ha Ha HA HAA

Like it or not (I dont) this is the model that most games are shifting towards. Your microtransaction purchases in this game are funding other projects, and so on. If you could carry things forward, there would be less incentive to buy future packs in their current projects.

If TC decides to go with a different variant of the steel characters or just characters they havent done before then I don’t see why they wouldn’t transfer over the BS. If thats the case I think more people will be willing to buy more packs to either get said new variant or complete the collection

IDK why anyone would expect them to transfer over.
There’s probably a game or 2 out there that do something like that, but 99% of the games on the market don’t transfer content…especially not for free.

If you paid money for it, you bought it for G4.
If you thought you were buying it for G4 & G5, then I have no idea where you got that impression…


Like I’ve said before I don’t think TC need to transfer everything over seeing as there is currently 40 Black Steel character skins (and will be more by the time GOW5 is out). But I wonder if it was possible to implement a rule where you receive an exclusive card or cards in GOW5 based on either the number.of packs you’ve bought in GOW4 or the number of Black Steel characters you have?

Example - there will be 5 exclusive skins available based on the new upcoming eSports designs for JD, Kait, Del, Marcus and Fahz. If you’ve bought 1-5 eSports packs in GOW4 you get Del. If you bought 6-10 you get Del and Fahz, 11-15 gets you Del, Fahz and JD etc. So that way there’s a ceiling as to the maximum you could get. It’d be nice for TC to show those fans who supported the eSports scene some appreciation.

They’re trying to squeeze every last cent from the player base before g5 comes out.

Yeah ok, we will see you in Gears 5

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And the same suckers still buy stuff for this game


Remember when earning achievements in the first game got you skins in the second? Good times…


Well if this ■■■■ will be the same, no point in me buying. I don’t even have 4 bought. It’s all on game pass. I certainly ain’t buying ■■■■ if it’d garbage like 4

Did your maps from Gears 1 carry over to Gears2 and Gears3 when they became paid DLC?
How about any of the gun skins from Gears3? (paid or exclusive)
Did they carry over to Judgment and Gears 4?

Well there’s your answer to that happening in Gears 5.

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The Golden Skins, Lancer and Hammerburst from Gears 2 transferred over to 3.
That’s the only exception.

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That would be a valid case if it was he same developer. But it is not. That simple fact changes A LOT

Except Gears 1, 2, 3 and Judgment were the same developer. But even so, why does that make a difference?

Hmm. Mine did not.

I suppose I should get angry and post a thread asking why my skins from a 10year old game were not available for me in my 7year old game.

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