Transfer of cards from gears 4 to gears 5

I say that there are people who got their cards from: characters, skins, emblems of form with credits but there are people like me who got them with real money and it would be annoying if they did not pass our letters to the next gears


It’s going to stay annoying because it most likely won’t happen. If they were to allow this, they won’t make any money from future esport packs for Gears 5


Exactly. They won’t transfer, and I. gears 5, it will be the exact same skins, to get all over again, and pay for again, if you paid for them.

All just a money pit for some

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It would be pretty cool if at the very least all the monetary purchases were transferred over. I guess. We’ll have to wait and see.


New game
New cards

It’ll be ok.



I mean, they easily could. All they have to do is put out more eSports exclusive skins. There have been no shortage of them in 4, why would TC HAVE to charge the same people again for the ones they’ve already purchased? There is really no reason not to carry everything over aside from laziness and/or greed. The games are on the same engine. It would require minimal touchup work at most. Also, for newcomers, that means all the old content would still be available for purchase from day 1.


Greed is the answer…most companies are

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Did u get to carry over all your mushrooms when Mario 3 came out?


I boycotted super Mario World for this very reason and don’t get me started on Yoshi’s Island.


If you are getting to transfer the skins form old game to new one then whats the point of having a new game, right. Or else they just could have launched a dlc. As for skins you have buy with real money that they are only for that game and not gears 5 and then its already 2 years since launch of gears 4 and it will probably be 3 when you will be playing gears 5 thats a long time use of paid skin and then again not every one uses the same skin forever

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Nintendo didn’t charge $10 for a chance to get a black and blue mushroom in SMB2 and then try to charge that again for the same random chance item in SMB3.

Even as a joke, it’s a bad analogy.


Can’t wait for “I want muh Black Steel skins, I paid 453,99$ for them” reactions.

Same people who have paid will pay again, no worries.


I’m gonna try to be optimistic for you…Right after I say that I don’t see card carry forward happening.

If the Forza series is any indication of where Microsoft Studios games are heading regarding “loot crates”, then at least it may be in a more user friendly way than “that’ll be $20 for a chance at those skins, thank you”.

Forza Motorsport 7 had a HORRIBLE system of unlocking cars and upgrades that promoted a pay to play how you want system. Random cars and parts for credits earned by racing in cars nobody wants if you are unlucky, or you could pony up some cash for more chances.

But earlier this year they updated the game to remove this function, and the cars and upgrades you want are now reasonably obtainable outside of sheer dumb luck of the draw or having paychecks to spare.

If you play Forza Horizon 4 now, it was clear they planned to implement a similar system as was at the start of Forza Motorsport 7.

For leveling up and basically playing the game in Forza Horizon 4, you get a wheel spin which contains random items from clothes, credits, and cars.

This was clearly made for monetization…C’mon, clothes for a character that is in your car 100% of the time in game that you only see on load screens.

But it isn’t monetized. So basically they left the system they had in place for earning items and removed the paywall during development. I would assume, around the same time as when Forza Motorsport 7 removed their loot system.

So for Gears 5, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility we will see a change in skin unlocking. Though i definitely see esports packs staying as paid content.

Might end up seeing something akin to Fortnite or PUBG with xp and challenges for a season. Gears 4 already has seasons in place and different skin, xp, and credit boosts along the way for completing challenges would be an incentive to play for a good skin at higher tiers.


While I know they won’t do this, I think it may incentivize people apprehensive about paying for black steel packs if they carried over to other games. The obvious issue being they wouldn’t be getting money from those people but TC has had no issue making plenty of new packs these same people would probably purchase.

I imagine only a tiny handful of people have all, or even most of the black steel characters so repeat packs wouldn’t be an issue either.

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Forza Horizon 4 has now the same lootboxes experience as Gears of War 4. Winning gloves over an epic car (yes, cars now have rarity) is like droping an emblem for the seventeenth time over a weapon/character skin.

I guess Forza Horizon 3 was too fair for Microsoft’s point of view.

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at least when you get those items they don’t reappear in the wheel spin unlike emblems and everything else

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True…but you can earn credits from spins and races and buy whatever car you desire from the store.

Much better than hoping for what you want and fighting odds until it happens. Might get the car in the packs, if not you will get other cars (that can be sold for credits if you don’t want them) and like @ll_R_E_D_l stated, clothes don’t duplicate so those spots get taken over by other cars or credits.

Credits are earned MUCH faster on Forza than Scrap in GoW4 to craft what you want. (If it is even craftable)

I have read somewhere they do reappear. I haven’t noticed it though.

Well, you have a point.

The forums are going to EXPLODE when G5 comes out and everyone has to buy new content.