Training Grounds fabricator setup

I’m still trying to master Training Grounds, which is a pretty tough map. But one thing kind of always bugs me.

When you get a tap on the right side, everybody tends to want to set up in the very corner (the helicopter pad I guess) and it never ever works. You are too exposed coming from absolutely all angles and it’s impossible to chokehold. Why do people love setting up there? What is the key I am missing?

The best spots to set up to me are just up the stairs from there because at the very least you can establish lanes.

The King Raven or Uplink spots on this map are the have-to setup spots on this map to me. What do you think? How do you make the corner work?

I place them at the bottom of spawn stairs, then have Barriers along three lanes.

Blue = Fabricator
Green = Barriers

It does require the team to split up and watch three lanes.


Well the team has to work lol. I don’t mind playing from the corners, but I tend to find the players who opt for the corners are the type who set up right on a tap without thinking of exposure and weak spots. If mastering with randoms, then set up at the usual spots and don’t bother with the on top of a tap player, lol.

You can have pretty good success with a few setups but there’s really only one optimal way to run it, which is by or near spawn. The overhead cover of the spawn is good because Swarmaks and Kestrel can wipe you easily otherwise.

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I would say Training Grounds is definitely in the top 4 most difficult maps to Master, for a lot of the reasons you give. It’s particularly difficult to play with randoms because many of them simply don’t understand how to play that map.

The key to it is no different to any other map, the principle is exactly the same. You push them back with barriers until you control your half of the map, hopefully encompassing any taps that may have spawned in the process.

So that means setting up just outside where you spawn in or on the opposite side. So now you have three areas to deal with, a left, centre and a right.

I always set up at the Hos spawn because hos are good for soldier morale.

I like Training Grounds as a Horde map, a bit of a challenge and still has a lot of variety in set-up locations. Very fun.

@Ektope has a good diagram to show the best position for setting up. You can set-up on the other side as well but it does require a decent team.

Typically people want to hold the taps, it grants power and health benefits. Not holding the tap can slow down the rate you can get fortifications and/or perk up. That’s the main reason why people set up on the other side. It can work but it requires a good team.