Trackerball is worse than

jingle juvies

i thought the juvies were annoying but the trackers are worse


Nope, both are equally wastes of time😂


Pretty much.

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I love juvies but I hate the trackerball event!

Any other horde mode TC has conjured up. It’s the one mode type I haven’t been able to enjoy.

I only played it one time. Didn’t really enjoy it. At least we made it.

"Juvies " is good for leveling with all of the ribbons, especially during xp events.


Ok I will give that to you, Juvies can have great XP. But it’s still not worth it imo

We can only rate Horde events on how bad they are because there are no good ones really

The above statement has been formally classified as: FALSE.

Horde mania is fantastic

Apparently I can’t quote you without the system flagging and removing the quote…


Yeah mania is good maybe the events should be rated in comparison to mania

Allow me to adapt:

We can rate Horde events on how bad players are because there are few good really

Boss Rush was also exceptional. It could last longer if Coalition had cut out strikes and ping.

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