Toxicity towards "high-ping"(100+ ping) players


A certain, toxic player: “I genuinely wish death upon people who think it’s okay to pollute pubs with their 100+ pings.”

Players who don’t live in the US(or anywhere near the servers) are to blame for their ping? (even though there’s nothing they can do about it.)


When I found matches on EU, my ping is between 1 to 40.

USA matches is between 80 to 120/140/180

Asia should be 180 to 220

But even so, I prefer that there are more players playing. It’s not my fault that most of the player base live in a continent that isn’t the one where I’m living now

I suppose Australian players still have problem finding matches. Also, not everyone can have (or pay) a better internet connection.


What’s worse is the post had 4 likes


Screenshot_20211101-062531_Xbox Beta

Wonder if stuff like this would make them angry or pissed :thinking:

Anyways I already shared the Pic with whoever said we pollute stuff. Guess it’s not okay to be playing given I wasn’t born in the USA. Smh.

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That’s awful.

When I play my ping jumps from anywhere between 1 and 200 and I live in US, East Coast!
People can’t really control which servers they are being connected.

SMH - the stupidity of the human race…


Exactly the same for me. East coaster here as well and my ping can jump up depending on the server I get placed on, so I understand not everyone has control over higher ping rates. It’s just the way gears servers place ppl. Not something anyone should wish any harm on another over. Smh…

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Even if you win, they’ll say “that’s because you have high-ping advantage”…
Gears 5 is probably the only game where players claiming “high ping has advantage over low ping” exist.



I mean, the only advantage high ping truly has is that, given there Is a delay with movement, chances are I could blow you up by aiming at a place you aren’t anymore. Not my fault my screen says you are there even if you rolled 0.5 seconds ago and I killed you by aiming at where you are in my screen.

Meanwhile if two people get their Gnashers out and pull the trigger at the same time, whoever has the lower ping will obviously blow me up and the kill cam will show me as standing there still, just waiting to be Gnashered.

Not to mention the teleportation due to high ping. Sometimes Due to higher ping I may be somewhere and randomly get pulled a few meters just because the server didn’t get some response and I move a few meters from where I should be.
Like here (

Anyways, best to leave it like this. Otherwise this may turn into a “Let’s wish the worst for low pings :>” or something dumb like that. :joy:

The highest my ping ever goes to is about 18- 20 at a push.

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Good for you ?


The lowest my ping ever gets is about 520-550.

Just making a point, ok it didn’t add much to the conversation but I can’t understand how peoples pings vary from match to match.


Ethernet cables and open ports should be possible for everyone though.Yet I bet a majority of Gears players uses neither.

Oh, and lower ping matchmaking for ranked is an option and most certainly works. The highest my ping ever went in Ranked was 12.


I have them but still get high ping from time to time.
But I mostly refer to Pve ( horde).
Haven’t played ranked in g5 for at least a year.

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Ping in PvE is 1 thing since I’ve still seen people perform well with them and it doesn’t affect me directly.

PvP is an entirely different story and every time high pinger are called out it’s always the same “hur dur it’s a disadvantage” “I can’t do anything about it” etc pp. Just pure copium or disregard for other people.

But sure I’m the toxic one for expecting an even playing field in god-damn comp.


I think players in general have to stop throwing the word toxic around like its going on sale. Litterally the simplest of of things happens and suddenly it’s toxic behaviour but it’s a mistake or what have you.

Honestly the line is just changing way too many times on this one lol.

I hate to tell you this, mate — but you’re an awful player and you’re going to be an awful player regardless of what ping you have and whatever ping anyone else has. It’s hilarious, but pathetic that you and anyone like you would cling to these conspiracy theories of high ping being an ‘advantage’ — not the reasonable position that high ping can cause some weird things to happen sometimes — literally believe it’s an advantage.

You’re just terrible at the game, that’s all it is.


Feel free to point out when and where I claimed that I’m a god at PvP.

It still makes the experience worse - no matter at what skill level.

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It’s you, and everyone like you, making excuses for the fact that you literally do not count as players on the map.

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Whatever helps you sleep at night.