Toxicity in Gears 4

Man. Has every Gears game been this toxic? I’ve never experienced such toxicity in any other Gears game. But man, the people in this game are just horrible. T bagging’s becoming the norm, and people are just ■■■■■ to one another. I mean I know toxic players are unavoidable but why are there so many here?

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Generally when a game is in the state that Gears 4 is in, yea you’re gonna see a lot of toxic people, just look at Overwatch.


Simply, devs are abusive toward game, the game is abusive toward players, players then abuse each other to vent all that ■■■■ out. You really didn’t catch it?


Some guy told me to ‘calm down’ and stop trying so hard in ranked yesterday

And I’m thinking

If you’re playing in a competitive game mode (not tuning wise)

Why do you think nobody is actually going to try to win, especially a solo player?

ESPECIALLY if the person isn’t even on your team?

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Simply not the case, the gears community has always been a very toxic one. Also calling the devs or the game “abusive” is poor wording.


Yeah. I mean, the loot crate system is something I hate greatly, but it’s obvious that the game developers put a lot of effort into making a great game. The game’s great! It’s just the community that can be awful.

No, it’s very picked wording.

Toxicity has been around in every Gears and in online games in general. Any medium where people remain anonymous behind a screen toxicity is rampant.


Well maybe if the beat down execution wasn’t in the game and if the devs themselves didn’t promote tea bagging as good sportsmanship we wouldn’t have so much toxic players


How did the devs promote tea bagging as good sportsmanship?

Someone on the forums said that TC said this on a stream

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Yes and worse :grin:

I remember on a stream when it was asked if trash talking was tolerated in esports. They said an amount of it was ok as long as people didn’t cross the aisle and get in each other’s faces. They said gears and trash talking do kinda go hand-in-hand. Perhaps this is what that person was alluding to?

I don’t think that’s the same as promoting tea-bagging as good sportsmanship but take from it what you will I guess.

Unless the person was alluding to another instance but I’m not sure which that be.

I don’t see as much toxic people, but i wish i could so i could make them even more toxic.

Ah, they said “community glory” according to this thread*

Hello :slight_smile:

There is 2 humps in a 4 minute video created by a community member (not the devs) featured in the June 28 What’s up.

I think that’s a bit of a stretch to indicate the devs promote tea-bagging as good sportsmanship.

Thing is it was in it. Kinda sets a precedent. Imagine you take your dog to the park for a play but there is a “Dogs not allowed on the grass” sign. So you adhere. Then one day you see the Park Manager letting their dog play on the grass. And they are aware of it. Only for 2 mins. But they did it. They let everyone see it. You wouldn’t be “Hummm, hang on there fella!”? I’ve seen TC close Threads more or less quoting the same I said in that Thread subsequently. Anyway maybe a bad example about dogs on the grass at the park plucked from the air, but I’m sure you know what a precedent is.

Anyway there isn’t that much Toxicity in Gears to me. There is a lot of sad sacks with apparently nothing in the way of achievements (No, not gaming achievements) That’s where people get confused over this.

And the Hello above is preemptive before the same-olds come here saying I’m toxic.

Aside from bad connections, the only thing I really hate about Gears is the toxic community. I don’t get too bothered about rank, packs, matchmaking, tuning, and the other stuff people threaten to quit over. I just wish the players had a bit more class.

It’s getting hard to find ranked matches late at night so I’m left with social. About half the lobbies seem to have some trash players who are there only to teabag. I don’t like seeing casual players get bullied so I find myself just hunting the tbaggers the entire match to embarrass them, then looking for another lobby. When I do find a lobby of sporting players who respect each other I’m so happy I thank them for the game after the match.