Toxic community?

I’ve been playing multiplayer games for a long time. Longer than i care to admit, frankly, but i honestly have to say that I’ve never encountered such a caustic bunch of people as i have playing Gears 5. I’ve gotten nasty messages on xbox live about every other day while playing this game on average. Never have i had to block so many people. I’m no pro, but i can usually hold my own. But if i have an off game? Oh boy, look out! "You’re trash! You suck! " I’ve even gotten nasty messages when I’ve had GOOD games, just missing MVP in koth by a few points. WtF is up with the people playing this game? It gets me bent out of shape, too, but I don’t pull that crap. Anybody else deal with this garbage?


Welcome to Gears


A lot of people were mad about the removal of delivery driver Mac, the hate is to be expected


I’ve had a lot of toxicity from people while playing Gears as well. But you should see the abuse you get from people on World of Tanks. It’s crazy.


I have encountered more of this playing 5 then I did on 4. Unfortunately, where I live, most of it is in Spanish, which I don’t speak.
A headset full of distracting gibberish.


This would be funny if it didn’t so accurately satirize the situation

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A buddy of mine plays tanks. He complains about it all the time


Honestly, I haven’t been getting a lot of it in this game, as strange as that is. I couldn’t go longer than 2 hours on Gears 4 without receiving some BS msg typed in Spanish, but here, I’ve encountered almost none of it?

Is it just me, or was Gears 4 even worse? lol.


Gears 2 and 3 were probably my worst online experiences ever. I remember getting voice messages of kids screaming at me. Most of the kids that did that were on the bottom of the team anyways. 3 got really bad though, this only happened a few times, but it got really racist. I remember one time specifically a random was getting really racist with a Mexican on our team and when I heard it I jumped in to inform him that he wasn’t so good himself…then he went on this rant about how awesome it was that 9/11 happened…

The dude was a nut job troll.


Oh, it’s totally accurate! He didn’t bring my mother into it, but he said my fat girlfriend is trash. Hope he doesn’t tell my wife :stuck_out_tongue:

Yip. Have a bad game, receive tons of abuse. Play like a god, receive constant invites to carry people and then eventually abuse because you don’t join them. :joy::+1:


Yep even b4 this game,Gears 2,3,4,judgment,just ignore them with mute and or delete messages.Everybody have these off days. just go out have some fresh air,have a good meal/drink,Then get back to gaming

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Yeah the gears community is toxic you’ll just have to deal with it, it’s been like this since 3, yesterday I was playing a ranked game and a dude with a mic was insulting everyone in fricking round 1

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Yeah it’s real bad. I rolled with a group of vets on Ultimate and within a month of playing we all had that exclamation mark banner across our profiles warning others to avoid playing with us. We all had to stop playing in fear of the inevitable: getting our profiles banned. After that I only play the campaign and co-op modes in Gears games. No more competitive for me, not worth getting report bombed after every win.


why do you care about what someone says? don’t feed into the bait


I usually write I cant hear you all the way at the bottom of the leader board. That either silences them or makes them rage harder and I laugh as I can tell words just ruined thier day. Not something I like to do but if you are toxic that’s a you problem dont try to take that out on me.

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I will also say that I do love the community though. While there are trolls and generally just toxic players, there are some really awesome people too. Getting messages from the other teams talking about how fun it was or how close the match was is really awesome! I’ve met some really cool dudes that way!

Yeah it’s mental in this game, got one the other day where I had a bad start to a game of execution and someone sent me a message after the second round telling me to quit and calling me trash etc, I ended up coming MVP and we won the match lol, so I told him to maybe at least wait till the end of the match next time.

Meh, it’s the same with most competitive MP games, at least in my experience. If it really gets to you, just set your Xbox so that you can’t receive msgs from people who aren’t on your friend list. Problem solved.

One time I had more downs than the whole team combined and some guy told me I wasn’t lancering enough.

They are not toxic, they are immature.

They have to take their own frustration and anger on someone.

When I have great games but I’m losing due to bad teammates, i just type in the global chat, “full lancer” or “lancer more.”

I never send anyone anything bad. The most i do is tell a quitter, “please don’t play if you won’t play.”

Serves no purpose to insult anyone. I’ve had friends insult someone and that person says, “okay, if you are going to insult me, i’m just going to walk around in spawn and make you lose.”


It’s like Funk Flex says, “are you mad at me or yourself?”