Tournament Skins for New Orleans

I hope the skins will be the Purple Phantom they have been talking about💞Anyone know?

No confirmation as yet.

My choices;

1). Red
2). Black
3). Clear
4). Purple
5). Rainbow
6). Crystal


IT’s going to be the other 11 weapons for that crappy New Orleans skin they are pushing in Supporter 9.

multicoloured Phantom skins please.

I hope not because what would be the raretie of that.They have had pack 9 up for the longest.Im done with that its hopefully gonna be a phantom skin or something based around New Orleans theme

I doubt they would offer eSports skins as earnable.

I don’t think they done it yet?

Or am I missing something?

they did for the mexico esports , Dallas and Vegas. They just did not give out the Lancer, Snub or Gnasher.

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They weren’t the same design - they were similar though?

They were actually, just like he said they only didn’t give Lancer, Gnasher, Snub for those, only Dallas set had Snub as stream reward too, and other two had the other 11 from each set given in stream, I truly hope that’s not the case with NOLA event because those skins are really bland and uninspired.

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I completely missed those so I was sure what was up with that anyway :+1:

Just like we have 6 more Syndrome skins to go…They better not leave us hanging

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Nah nah, need some colorblast skins to go with dem colorblast characters!