Tour of Duty. Worth it or Worthless

Is it me or is TOD a waste. I was reading a post earlier and I was in agreement with most of post about TOD being a grind and not worth the hassle of going through it. The banners are crap, and who the hell wants WO Fahz. At least in Gears 4 you could use the scrap for cool things. I mean I don’t want to grind TOD only to say I did it. The Coalition should in Operation 3 make it worth it. As a whole very pleased with multi player.

The Tour Ranks might be worth it for the free Iron. And Classic Baird obviously looks better than Armoured Baird. But the Medals, I have completely ignored them.

Edit: Most of cosmetics are worthless to me right now, So what’s the point?

Value lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some think TOD has good stuff while others say it’s complete trash. Personally I found some good items and it went by faster than expected with boost powered double stars.

I found great value in OP2 Pack while others call it theft. I suggest you take a look at the items in question and if you see something you like and are willing to grind / pay for, then go for it.

Don’t let others decide for you.